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According to the raw material properties and uses of cosmetics, it can be roughly divided into two categories: base raw materials and auxiliary raw materials. The former is a main raw material of cosmetics, which occupies a large proportion in cosmetic formulations, and is the main functional substance in cosmetics. The latter plays a role in shaping, stabilizing or imparting color, fragrance and other characteristics of cosmetics. These substances are not used in large amounts in cosmetic formulations, but they are extremely important. Cosmetics are chemical mixtures made from natural, synthetic or extracted substances with different functions as raw materials and processed through production processes such as heating, stirring and emulsification.
Cosmetics are made up of cosmetic raw materials with different functions after processing and scientific formulas. The raw materials used are related to the quality and efficacy of cosmetics. In general, cosmetic raw materials are divided into two categories-base raw materials and additives.