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From active cosmetics containing powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts to cosmetic extracts derived through careful processing, these raw materials for cosmetic products unlock the potential of skincare. Discover the science behind functional ingredients in cosmetics and how they deliver luxurious formulations for a radiant you. Embrace the art of self-care with the wonders of cosmetic ingredients.

Types of Cosmetic Ingredients and Their Functions

According to the raw material properties and uses of cosmetics, it can be roughly divided into two categories:
Base raw materials: These are the main raw materials of cosmetics and occupy a large proportion in cosmetic formulations. They serve as the primary functional substances in cosmetics, providing the desired effects such as moisturizing, anti-aging, sun protection, and whitening. Active ingredients in cosmetics, such as organic cosmetic ingredients supplied by various manufacturers, are often part of the base raw materials.
Auxiliary raw materials: These substances play a crucial role in shaping, stabilizing, or adding characteristics such as color, fragrance, and texture to cosmetics. They include additives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and other ingredients that enhance the overall quality and efficacy of the final product. Cosmetic raw materials, including all these auxiliary substances, can be derived from natural sources, synthetic compounds, or extracted substances.
Cosmetics are chemical mixtures created through production processes like heating, stirring, and emulsification. They are composed of processed and scientifically formulated cosmetic raw materials, which may include anti-inflammatory cosmetic ingredients. Each ingredient, whether it belongs to base raw materials or auxiliary raw materials, contributes to the overall performance and benefits of the cosmetic product.

How To Choose Cosmetic Ingredients

When it comes to choosing cosmetic ingredients, consider factors like safety, efficacy, and compatibility.
● Begin by studying the cosmetic raw material list and familiarize yourself with key ingredients in cosmetics.
● Research online to find reputable cosmetic raw material suppliers. Identify the main ingredients of cosmetics that align with your skincare needs.
● Prioritize high-quality and scientifically-backed active ingredients to ensure effective results.
● Remember, an informed selection of cosmetic ingredients can lead to healthier and more radiant skin.