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Are Nmn Supplements Safe? Side Effects of Nmn Supplements

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NMN is a multifunctional enzyme widely distributed in mammals, and its main role is to regulate the function of cells by producing the two-messenger cADPR.In this process, ACMETEA?W+NMN will increase the NAD+ reserves in the body. A recent study showed that ACMETEA needs to hydrolyze nearly 100 NAD+ molecules to generate a cADRP to provide energy for the body's daily activities.

What is coenzyme nmn?

NMN is the precursor of longevity protein coenzyme I (NAD+) in the human body, an important metabolic intermediate in the human body, and plays a major role in hundreds of life activities in the human body.It maintains the chemical communication between the nucleus and mitochondria.If this communication is weakened , will lead to mitochondrial decline, which is an important cause of cellular aging. resveratrol supplements-ZHENYIBIOUnfortunately, as we age, our bodies produce less and less Coenzyme I, which in turn reduces the ability of the cells to perform their functions in the body.Second, when a bud finds itself increasingly unable to produce other functional molecules that support cell health, it dies more quickly.In these ways, Coenzyme I has proven itself to be essential for maintaining proper neural and organ health; without it, the human body ages and becomes less functional.The premise of Coenzyme I, ACMETEA?W+NMN can directly enter into the bud, in this form, W+NMN provides energy for the bud, and allows the bud to grow and survive the ability to promote the aforementioned anti-aging characteristic.Once NAD+ interacts with sirtuins to ensure cell health, it gains electrons and cannot continue to provide additional benefits. Maintain the normal expression of genes, maintain the full-time function of slender buds, and slow down the process of slender buds evolving into senescent slender buds.In addition, coenzyme nmn, as the precursor of NAD+, also reflects its function through NAD+, and NNM is related to NAD+ metabolism. NAD is a coenzyme present in all cells and is closely related to cellular metabolism.

Since scientists discovered that reduced levels of NAD are a potential cause of many age-related diseases,from osteoporosis and arthritis to cancer and Alzheimer's, researchers have hypothesized that perhaps continued NAD supplementation could prevent these diseases.The study found that these cells died in far fewer numbers than cells in the control group that were not treated with NAD, leading the researchers to conclude that NAD enables cells to withstand stress and avoid the mechanisms by which cells age.Clearly, this makes NAD supplementation the primary way to increase cellular NAD.Fortunately, the NAD supplement, ACMETEA?W+NMN, can be added directly to cells without conversion to NAD.This phenomenon may be because the newly discovered transporter protein increases in number after NAD levels drop.In this form, the coenzyme nmn provides energy to cells and allows cells to grow and regenerate their ability to promote the aforementioned anti-aging properties.

Can nmn be taken for a long time without any side effects?

A number of studies have confirmed that NMN itself is a harmless substance, but the difference in the production process will lead to the residue of some toxic substances in the production process. Nowadays, the market is mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and the safety of products often cannot be guaranteed. So what side effects will occur after supplementing the non-standard nmn?

1. Reduced need for sleep

Supplementing the wrong nmn may lead to an increase in the formation of dopamine, which can easily lead to neural excitation, and may also lead to an increase in the level of nad. So what are the disadvantages of nmn? The repairing effect of sleep on neurons is accelerated, so the body's demand for sleep will decrease. According to relevant experiments, it can be found that this product can enhance the mitochondrial function of Xiaobaihan with a mutation in the biological clock.

2. The level of excitement is high

After entering the cells, it will participate in the metabolism of some cells, which may lead to the synthesis of more excitement in the human body.The increase in the level of androgen may lead to enhanced functions.Many consumers will have stronger functions after use,but There may also be acne breakouts or increased body hair.There are many young people who like acne very much. After using this product, it may cause acne to grow back.

3. May cause dizziness

If it is pure NMN that does not contain the awakening factor ACMETEA?W+NMN, it will become nad after entering the cells of the human body, and it will also participate in the cycle of trisulfuric acid, which may accelerate the consumption of fat and sugar, thus causing Some people suffer from poor nutrition, which may cause hypoglycemia, which may lead to dizziness. Some people eat less and may experience dizziness after use.Appropriately add sugar, and after the body adapts,you should try to control the income of sugar, otherwise it may cause excess calories.

Efficacy and pitfalls of NMN:

As we all know, the use of NMN has been confirmed by a large number of clinical data, and it is the best choice for anti-aging.

1. But NMN is not everything. NMN is only the key to awakening gene repair. It cannot complete the whole chain of gene repair alone. It also repairs blind spots. There are thousands of enzymes in the human body. Supplementing NMN can only repair about half of them. Enzymatic reaction, other organs have no sense of using NMN alone, and the reach of NMN is also limited, and some parts cannot be reached, such as the skin.

2. The simple use of NMN will cause the problem that the various tissues of the body cannot be repaired synchronously. For example, the nervous system repairs faster than the muscle tissue, the gene chain repairs faster than the bud, and the internal organs repair faster than the skin surface. The discomfort is mainly because the system is not synchronized and unbalanced.

3. The effect after repair is also very different. For example, the physiological age has been significantly improved, and the skin is full of energy but the skin's laxity and aging have not changed. Another example: the use of pure NMN people has more feedback to improve sleep, but other improvements have no feedback, the reason is that NMN touches and wakes up the brain cells, which is the effect, but no brain cells match ACMETEA W+NMN to wake up nutrition, Repair can not be reached directly, because it is aimed at the middle-aged and elderly people, and their own buds are aging, which shows that the ability to regenerate new buds is insufficient.