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Sunless tanning, also known as self-tanning or fake tan, is a method of achieving a tan without exposure to the sun. It involves the use of products that contain natural ingredients for a safe and healthy option. Some sunless tanners may include tan accelerator ingredients to help speed up the tanning process. Organic tanning products prioritize using natural and organic ingredients, while the active ingredient in most tanning lotions is DHA, which reacts with the skin’s surface to produce a temporary tan.

Principle Of Sunless Tanning

The principle of tanning is that the skin is irradiated by ultraviolet rays, which causes tyrosinase to be activated and produces a catalyst, which catalyzes the synthesis of pigment cells and secretes melanin. After the melanin is metabolized, it gradually reaches the surface of the skin and darkens the complexion. There are two main methods of tanning: natural (sun tanning) and artificial (sunless tanning). The artificial tanning method is achieved through artificial tanning cream or bronze tanning products. Tanning agents can promote the skin's natural tanning process and stimulate its natural protection system to achieve the same effect as natural tanning in the absence of natural light. The use of unparalleled sunless self-tanning ingredients Melanotan, DHA, etc. makes the skin tone more subtle and natural, achieving a clear and healthy wheat color in just a few hours.

Are The Ingredients  In Your Sunless Tanner Safe?

Common active ingredients in sunless tanners include dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and erythrulose. DHA is generally considered safe for external use and has been approved by regulatory authorities for use in cosmetics. However, it's important to avoid inhalation or ingestion of DHA and to follow the product instructions for safe application.


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