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Molecular Formula: C4H8O4
Molecular Weight: 120.1
Appearance: Clear yellow viscous liquid
Purity: 80%
CAS NO.: 533-50-6
Application: cosmetics and skin care products

ERYTHRULOSEErythrulose is a natural ketose. Generally used in conjunction with dihydroxyacetone DHA. Make DHA darker in color and more evenly distributed. Dosage: 1%-3% for water phase below 40℃. Erythrulose is a natural tanning ingredient that provides a more real, more uniform, and longer-lasting tanning effect. Due to its smooth tanning kinetics, it is a particularly useful progressive tanning product. It can be well combined with ActiBiso-DHA (hydroxyacetone) for two product types, classic self-tanning agent and progressive tanning agent.

Erythrulose is a natural ketose that reacts with the amino groups of protein peptides on the skin surface through Maillard reaction to produce a brown polymer product that directly binds to the skin surface (stratum corneum), which is compatible with 1,3-dihydroxyacetone. In contrast, erythrulose provides a more natural and true tan, lasts longer and the formula is more stable. As a partner of DHA. Erythulose improves key self-tanning product characteristics such as less streaks, more natural color, and it avoids skin dryness and irritation. Erythrulose causes a permanent tanning effect-it can only be removed through the skin's natural desquamation process.

Erythulose is mainly used as a raw material for cosmetic formulations, especially as a sunscreen, it has a special effect, can prevent excessive evaporation of skin moisture, and play a role in moisturizing, sun protection and UV radiation protection. Apply on the skin to darken the complexion.