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Fish Collagen

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Other Name: fish collagen peptide; hydrolyzed fish collagen
Source: Tilapia skin fish scales
Molecular Weight: 500,1000,2000
Appearance: White or light yellow powder
Purity: protein>90%

Fish collagen powder is the main structural protein composed of amino acids.As we aging,collagen gradually disappears.We need to replenish collagen to enhance and maintain health.Fish collagen peptide are called "functional foods for bone and joint health" and are ideal for beauty and healthy aging.Hydrolyzed fish collagen are made from fresh fish skin or scales in deep sea or clean fresh water.As a low-molecular-weight active protein,fish collagen peptide powder is added to nutritional products as a source of protein.Pure fish collagen in cosmetic additives:small molecular weight,easy to absorb.Contains a large number of hydrophilic groups,excellent moisturizing factors and balances the moisture of the skin, helps to remove the color around the eyes and acne,and keep the skin white,moist and loose.

Fish collagen (polypeptide) is mainly extracted from tilapia, fresh cod skin and fish scales by biological enzyme directional shearing technology. It is mainly type I collagen. The product is rich in 19 kinds of amino acids and has a molecular weight between 2000 and 5000D in length. , has high digestion and absorption, this product has excellent thermal stability in aqueous solution, has excellent affinity with human skin, and can well exert its functions such as penetration, moisturizing and repairing. The structure of fish collagen is the closest to that of the human body. It is the collagen that is most easily recognized and absorbed by body tissues, and the absorption rate is also the highest.

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