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Autophagy's effects on the skin

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The skin is the organ with the largest surface area of the human body, and it bears various external pressures daily, such as environmental pollution, UV damage, oxidative stress, etc. As the metabolism rate decreases, all kinds of  "cell garbage" accumulate unknowingly. At this time, autophagy comes in handy. If there are obstacles to the autophagy process, the garbage in the cells cannot be cleaned up in time, which will not only accelerate aging, but also cause serious diseases such as cell cancer and abnormal metabolism.

Autophagy can pack the aging and damaged organelles (such as the main organelles with energy capacity: mitochondria) and macromolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins in the form of vesicles, and then send them to lysosomes for recycling and degradation to ensure that the cells are timely Remove harmful garbage in cells.