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Blue copper peptide's effect and efficacy

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Blue copper peptide is also called blue copper peptide and copper peptide. It is a complex of metal copper ion and tripeptide. Because it is rich in copper ions, the appearance presents a unique and elegant blue color, so it is called blue copper peptide. . The blue copper peptide can not only reduce the formation of scar tissue and promote the self-healing of the skin, but also minimize the daily skin damage in the aspect of wrinkle removal and delay the aging phenomenon. Many people call the blue copper peptide the gold in the polypeptide family, because its cost is really expensive, the price is as high as hundreds of thousands of kilograms.

As one of the hot ingredients in recent years, blue copper peptides have been published by many dermatologists in clinical human experiment reports, confirming that blue copper peptides can enter the dermal layer of the skin and exert curative effects. Compared with other peptides, blue copper peptides can mildly produce anti-aging, healing, repairing and other skin care effects on the skin. Other peptides may be irritating or have a single effect. Therefore, blue copper peptides are used by dermatologists. Praised as a 21st century non-irritating anti-aging and wrinkle-removing ingredient. It is now being used in high-end beauty salon products, high-luxury brand skin care products, and after plastic surgery.copper peptide serum powder-ZHENYIBIO

The effects of blue copper peptides can be reflected in many aspects:

1. Anti-aging of copper peptide serum

After the blue copper peptide enters the skin, it induces fibroblasts to produce collagen, which effectively promotes the metabolism of old waste products and the production of collagen. In addition, blue copper peptides can carry copper ions into the cell, and release copper ions after encountering enzymes. Copper ions are a very important component in many enzymatic reactions, which stimulate the synthesis of glucosamine, making the skin more plump and firmer, and facial lines Slowly fade, leaving the skin with youthful vitality.

2. Strong repairing power of blue copper peptide

Blue copper peptide can promote the production of keratinocytes, increase the thickness of the skin, and help repair the damaged skin barrier. Injuries and other conditions can also reduce inflammation and calm, soothe the skin, enhance the resistance of skin cells and accelerate cell repair.

3. Anti-oxidant attack of ghk peptide

Blue copper peptide is also a good hand in terms of anti-oxidation. It can block the formation of reactive oxygen species and remove various peroxides. At the same time, it is milder and less irritating than general vitamin C and retinol. It can also be applied to sensitive people.

In addition, the blue copper peptide also has other advantages, such as anti-hair loss, anti-cancer, etc. However, due to the high price, the quality of the blue copper peptide in the market is also uneven. The crowd stepped on the pit accidentally. Therefore, when we choose anything, we must do more research and choose a formal brand and organization. Peptide Blue Copper Peptide series products have accumulated a lot of experimental research, with short recovery period and quick results. They have significant effects such as brightening skin and whitening, fine pores, diminishing acne marks, and repairing red blood streaks, allowing more people to also Can restore health and youth.