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Eye care's step

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Step 1: Clean and remove makeup

Clean skin is a good foundation for absorbing nutrients. Use a soft eye makeup remover to clean the delicate eye skin.

Step 2: Press and massage acupuncture points around the eyes

Gentle massage and soothing are the keys to beauty exercises. The skin can only absorb moisture and nutrients when it is completely relaxed. Use the middle and ring fingers of both hands to gently press the acupuncture points around the eyes, starting from the Jinglang acupoints on both sides of the bridge of the nose, and massage along the eye sockets through the acupuncture points.

Step 3: Apply eye mask

The eye mask can quickly and deeply moisturize the skin around the eyes that have fine lines due to lack of water. By blocking the air, a large amount of nutrients can be introduced into the bottom layer of the eye skin to accelerate blood circulation and promote absorption. Under normal circumstances, you only need to keep it for 5 to 10 minutes, you can use this time to close your eyes and rest.

Step 4: Tear off the eye mask and gently wipe off the eye residue with nutrient water.

Step 5: Apply eye cream

Take the size of a pearl and press evenly around the eyes with the ring fingers of both hands. First press lightly from the bottom of the lower eyelid to the inner corner of the eye, and then gently press from the upper eyelid corner to the outer corner of the eye, repeat this 2 to 3 times.

Step 6: Finally, combine the middle finger and the ring finger, and lighten the fine lines from the eye socket to the temple.