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Learn oligopeptide effects and application

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Oligopeptide-1 basic information

Oligopeptide is a cosmetic raw material ingredient, the molecular weight is generally below 1000 Daltons, also known as small peptides, oligopeptides or small molecular active peptides. It is a growth factor existing in the human body. These tissue cells have a strong mitogenic effect, do not need to be digested in the human body, can be directly absorbed, and are easily absorbed by the skin, which accelerates the growth of skin cells, repairs tissue, moisturizes skin, prolongs aging, whitens, maintains skin elasticity and the benefits of firmness.

Oligopeptide-1 is a polymer composed of glycine, histidine and lysine. The currently marked oligopeptide-1 refers to the tripeptide of GHK sequence, which has good antioxidant effect and can delay skin aging. It is a small molecule active peptide, and its molecular weight is usually below 1000 Daltons. This molecular weight is easily absorbed by the skin, thereby exerting its active effect.

Studies have shown that oligopeptide-1 can inhibit the expression of aging genes, promote the division of skin epidermal cells, and allow new cells to replace senescent and dead cells to keep life young.

Oligopeptide-1 is not always widely present in the human body. The content of oligopeptide-1 in the skin of infants is abundant. As the age gradually increases, the content of oligopeptide-1 in the skin gradually decreases, and the skin appears aging. After the age of 25, people need to consider supplementing oligopeptide-1. Experiments of cosmetic processing manufacturers have proved that supplementing oligopeptide-1 can fundamentally prevent and reverse skin aging and keep skin young. Therefore, oligopeptide-1 factor is called "beauty factor".OLIGOPEPTIDE for sale -ZHENYIBIO

What is the effect of sh oligopeptide 1 on our skin?

1. Repair:

The skin of the human body is easily damaged by various factors such as natural environment, weather, radiation, etc. Therefore, people especially need to repair the damaged skin.

The biological cytokines of oligopeptide-1 can promote the growth, division and metabolism of deep skin cells and epithelial cells, promote the growth of microvessels, and improve the microenvironment for cell growth. Therefore, it has a good repairing and nursing effect on damaged skin, sensitive skin and wounded skin.

2. Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging:

Since cytokines such as oligopeptide-1 can promote the metabolism of various cells in the skin, increase and strengthen the absorption of nutrients, and can reduce the average age of skin tissue; in addition, oligopeptide-1 can promote the synthesis of hydroxyproline, promote Synthesize collagen and collagenase, secrete collagen substances, hyaluronic acid and glycoprotein, regulate collagen fibers, moisturize the skin, enhance skin elasticity, reduce skin wrinkles and prevent skin aging.

3. Rejuvenate and beautify skin and freckle: Relieve skin pigmentation, so that the purpose of rejuvenating and beautifying skin and freckle can be achieved.

4. Sunscreen and after-sun care:

Biological cytokines can quickly repair damaged cells, reduce the damage of direct ultraviolet rays to the skin, and can reduce the abnormal increase of skin basal melanocytes, block the synthesis of melanin, reduce the growth of dark spots on the skin after sun exposure, and eliminate the genetic mutation of damaged cells. Factors, prevent photoaging, and thus have a repairing effect on preventing UV damage and post-sun damage.

5. Anti-acne and scar removal:

Because oligopeptide-1 can stimulate the formation of granulation tissue and promote the epithelialization of granulation tissue, it can also regulate collagen degradation and renewal, so that collagen fibers are arranged in a linear manner, preventing abnormal hyperplasia of connective tissue, thus shortening wound healing time and reducing scarring forming effect. It has a good effect on preventing the formation of acne.

Oligopeptide-1 is used in the medical world

Epidermal growth factor is of great significance in the field of medicine. Studies have shown that it can promote the growth of injured skin tissue, inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, and promote the growth of burned skin and the healing of skin ulcers. It is used in skin diseases, gastric disease treatment, corneal transplantation. important role in surgery!