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The ellagic acid's role and efficacy

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Ellagic acid is known as the new whitening nobility. It is extracted from red pomegranate. Its skin lightening effect is 5 times that of ordinary ellagic acid. It is a physiological, natural and non-toxic acid with good water solubility, smaller molecules, and It quickly penetrates into the muscle bottom and inhibits the production of melanin. It is a natural organic matter. The formation process of melanin is based on tyrosine, which is successively converted into dopa and dopaquinone under the action of tyrosinase, and finally melanin is formed. . Ellagic acid has a high affinity for copper in the active site of tyrosinase and can inhibit tyrosinase activity. In a comparative test of topical application of ellagic acid on the epidermis of brown guinea pigs, it was found that ellagic acid can effectively inhibit skin pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays.

Pomegranate ellagic acid can scaveng free radicals

Free radicals are a substance harmful to human cells, which can cause oxidation and pathological changes in human cells. Normally the human body absorbs a certain amount of ellagic acid, which can eliminate free radicals in the body and improve the body’s antioxidant capacity. Reduce the damage of free radicals to human cells, maintain human health and slow down the speed of human aging.Pomegranate peel extract price - ZHENYIBIO

Pomegranate peel extract can prevent lipid oxidation

Some lipids contained in the human body will increase the burden of the human body after being oxidized, and some chronic diseases will occur. After the human body absorbs abundant ellagic acid, it can prevent the oxidation of these lipids and prevent the production of oxidized lipids in the body. It can prevent them from damaging human cells. Regular consumption of foods with ellagic acid can improve the activity of human tissue cells and prevent the body from disease.

Ellagic acid prevent melanin production

After being absorbed by the human body, ellagic acid can also remove the melanin in the body, accelerate the decomposition of melanin, and prevent the accumulation of melanin on the surface of the skin. It can also prevent melanin production from the root, and can prevent the appearance of stains on the surface of human skin. To a certain degree of whitening effect, this substance is widely used in the production of cosmetics and medicines.

Ellagic acid can anti-cancer and anti-mutation

It can inhibit the metabolic activity of carcinogens and aromatic compounds.

Antibacterial and antiviral of ellagic acid

It has a good inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria and germs, can protect the wound from the invasion of bacteria, prevent infection, and inhibit ulcers.

Blood coagulatio, anti-stress and sedation of ellagic acid

It can shorten the blood clotting time and is an effective blood clotting agent. At the same time, studies have found that ellagic acid also has antihypertensive and sedative effects.