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The hexapeptide-10's function and mechanism

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Hexapeptide-10, also known as serilesine, is a signal peptide composed of six amino acids, which can fight skin laxity and make the skin more elastic and firm.

Efficacy and application of hexapeptide-10/serilesine

Increase the synthesis of laminin v and α6-integrin to promote cell binding; has a very good effect on skin repair (especially acne marks); can fight skin sagging, make skin more elastic and firm; help skin microcirculation; Suitable for all kinds of anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, firming repair, postpartum and post-sun body care formulas.Hexapeptide-10 price - ZHENYIBIO

Mechanism of action of serilesine

Hexapeptide-10 is a synthetic hexapeptide from the alpha chain. This peptide is thought to be a chemotactic region on laminin that induces cell aggregation. Thereby stimulating basement membrane cell adsorption, growth, migration and regeneration.

We can use hexapeptide-10 to enhance cell adhesion and cell proliferation, and these enhancements ultimately lead to firmer skin, which can reduce wrinkles caused by aging skin. Another characteristic of skin aging is the weakening of intercellular connections, leading to nutritional deficiencies, resulting in dull skin, luteinization, and diminished elasticity. All of these signs of skin aging can be addressed with the use of Hexapeptide-10.

Clinical test of hexapeptide-10

A number of clinical studies conducted by foreign companies have shown that:

20 healthy female volunteers, aged from 55 to 64 years old, with varying degrees of sagging skin, half of the face was treated with hexapeptide-10 containing 0.005%, and the other half of the face was treated with a placebo group. Twice a day, after 60 days, use half of the face with 0.005% Hexapeptide-10 The skin is firmer, smoother and more elastic, and the skin density is increased by 20%.

Serilesine is considered so good because it is based on the laminin (Laminin) chain - the second most abundant protein in the skin after collagen, but is buried so deeply that it is often overlooked. According to Lipotec, laminin excels in cell migration, cell growth and adhesion.

Application and recommended dosage of serilesine

Applicable to all kinds of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, firming repair, postpartum and post-sun body care and other formulations, add 0.005%-0.05% in the final stage of cosmetic production.