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What are the benefits of alpha arbutin

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Arbutin,also known as arbutin,is a natural active substance derived from green plants.It is a skin depigmentation combination that integrates"green plants, safe and reliable"and"high-efficiency depigmentation".It can quickly penetrate into the skin,without affecting the concentration of cell proliferation,it can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin,block the formation of melanin,and block the formation of melanin through the activity of itself and tyrosinase,By directly combining itself with tyrosinase,it accelerates the decomposition and excretion of melanin,thereby reducing skin pigmentation, removing spots,spots and freckles,and does not produce toxic,irritating,sensitizing and other side effects on melanocytes.It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.It is the safest and most effective whitening raw material that is popular today, and it is also an ideal skin whitening and dispelling active agent in the 21st century.Arbutin is recognized by the world's beauty experts as the leading skin depigmentation component today.

There are two types of arbutin, alpha arbutin and beta arbutin: benefits alpha arbutin

The whitening effect of alpha arbutin is 10-15 times that of beta arbutin,but the relative price is also much higher.Some high-end cosmetics contain alpha arbutin,typical examples such as DHC's alpha series toner and cream.The amount of arbutin added by the Ministry of Health stipulates that the concentration safety limit is 7%,and the hydroquinone (Hydroquinone) contained in the product should be below 20ppm;Arbutin (Arbutin) contains Á-arbutin (Alpha- Arbutin),Â-arbutin (Beta-Arbutin) and deoxyarbutin (Deoxyarbutin) are three different types.Generally, when not specifically marked,it is usually Â-arbutin (Beta-Arbutin),which is also used in medicine It can be used as a diuretic,an anti-infective drug for the urinary system,and also used as a stabilizer for color photography development.Quick pain relief,strong anti-inflammation, rapid elimination of redness,fast healing, no scars;used as raw material for intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs,good sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects,no toxic side effects.Adding natural vegetable oils containing oleic acid and linoleic acid can promote the synergistic effect of arbutin.

The efficacy and role of arbutin

1.Whitening and freckle removal

Arbutin has the effect of whitening and removing spots.It can effectively block the synthesis and precipitation of melanin,so it can play a very good anti-aging effect.This is because the ingredients contained in it can inhibit the activity of endosinase,avoid the oxidation of glucosine,and inhibit melanin.So whether it is whitening or lightening spots,the effect is very good.Especially people who have been troubled by pigmentation for a long time can choose to use it to achieve a good freckle removal effect,and people with long-term dull and yellow skin can also use it to achieve whitening and transparency.

2.Pain relief and anti-inflammation

Arbutin has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects can also be used for beauty.Many people have acne or inflammation on their faces,and it can also be used to relieve it.Its anti-inflammatory effect is very good,and it can quickly eliminate acne.Not only that, but it can also speed up the healing of wounds,which means that it can avoid leaving scars on the face due to acne or other reasons.Because it has a whitening effect in itself,and it can accelerate wound healing, the effect is even better.

3.Shrink pores

Arbutin has the effect of shrinking pores.It also shrinks the pores and makes the skin firmer.So if you have long-term enlarged pores,you can try it,but if the pores are really large,you may need to use other medical and aesthetic methods to help completely improve it.The efficacy and role of arbutin are mainly reflected in the beauty aspect,but you should pay attention to avoid using some irritating products at the same time during use,and also pay attention to avoiding light.It is best not to use it during the day,otherwise it may make you the skin color turned black and yellow instead.