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What does argireline do for your skin?

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What is Argireline?

Argireline, alias Aqurilin, is a high-quality wrinkle cosmetics raw material. It is the earliest and most widely used anti-wrinkle peptide. Its anti-wrinkle activity is high and small side effects. It can local blockage of muscle contraction messages, affect the skin's nerve conduction, relax the facial muscles, and achieve flat stroke dynamic patterns, static patterns and fine lines; especially the parts of the expression muscles of the emoticons such as the edge, forehead and corners of the mouth. Argireline flattened the expression pattern, which is safer than Botox; the skin is easy to absorb; the amount of use is small, non-toxic side effects; good compatibility with other cosmetics raw materials. This six -peptide star wrinkle removal raw material can be used in facial, eye, neck anti -wrinkle care products, such as eye cream, cream, essence, mask, etc.

How does Argireline work?

Dynamic wrinkles are the result of long -term contraction of emoticon muscles.

When the vesicles in the neuron synapses release neurotransmitters, the signal between neuron synapses is effectively passed and caused muscle contraction. In this process, the core role is the protein Snap-25.argireline

The Argireline participates in the site of the competition SNAP -25 at the bubble complex, which affects the formation of the complex. When the bubble composite is slightly unstable, the vesicles cannot effectively release the neurotransmitters, which will cause muscle contraction to weaken and prevent wrinkles from forming.

Does Argireline have side effects?

Argireline (hexagonal peptide) is a type of botulinum ingredient that has all functions of botulinum toxin, without any toxicity, is non-toxic substances. The main component is a biochemical product composed of six amino acid arrangements. Although they are often compared with Botox, their mechanisms are completely different. Six peptides can intercept the signal of muscle contraction, reduce the force of muscle contraction, and then improve the depth and length of fine lines. It has replaced botulinum toxin to become a new beauty of beauty.


The structure of acetyl hexagon-8 is similar to the Snap-25, which competes with SnAP-25 to occupy the position of SnAP-25 in the Snare combination, which inhibits the formation of Snare, so that the muscles cannot effectively accept neurotransmitters. Muscle contraction is limited. , Eventually prevent the skin from wrinkle. In addition, excessive release of catecholamine can also cause wrinkles, and Argireline can inhibit the release of catecholamine. Argireline is the mechanism of votinocycosis. By inhibiting the synthesis of Snare's body, the skin's catecholamine and acetylcholine are overly released. , To achieve the purpose of flat -way dynamic patterns, static patterns, and fine lines. However, it is different from the anesthesia mechanism of type A botulinum to allow muscles to move and expression, so it does not produce other side effects.

Clinical test

Add a cream containing 0.005%Argireline, twice a day for 28 days, significantly improved significantly before the wrinkles depth and width before use. It is particularly suitable for anti -wrinkle maintenance around the eyes around the eyes, foreheads, and faces to reduce wrinkles depth.

Aquirilin's effect and application

1.Reduce the depth of wrinkles caused by facial expression muscle contraction, especially around the forehead and the eyes

2.A safer, cheaper, mild botulinum toxin alternative, in a very different way to localize the formation mechanism for wrinkles formation mechanism

3.Add such as lotion, gel, serum, etc. to the cosmetics formula, so as to achieve the ideal effect of removing deep wrinkles or wrinkles around the forehead or eyes

Usage and dosage

Anti -wrinkle peptide uses Aqurin powder as a product (powder can be easily dissolved in water), or can be used as a product (the aquatic solution contains 0.5g/L powder in the aqueous solution). When adding Akrilin solution, the preparation temperature needs to be less than 40 ℃. Based on the concentration of Akrilin solution, 3-10 % of the final product is finally recommended to obtain significant anti-wrinkle activity.

Storage and shelf period

The Aquirin solution must be stored in a cool place, avoiding light and cleaning to ensure the shelf life of at least 12 months. Long -term storage is recommended to be stored at 4℃, and the shelf life can be extended to at least 18 months.