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What is b3 nicotinamide?

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B3 nicotinamide is also known as: vitamin B3, vitamin PP, 3-pyridinamide, Nikkenam. When synthesizing b3 nicotinamide, the "β-methylpyridine" is first oxidized into "niacin", and then chemically reacts with ammonia water to form "ammonium β-pyridine", and finally heat dehydration, forming b3 nicotinamide. It is a lot of skin care ingredients that are well-respected, suitable for use in various types of skin, including sensitive muscles, even alcohol, ectopic dermatitis and hepatic spots, and super invincible.

The functions of B3 nicotinamide

1. Controlled and acne

In the magazine of beauty and laser therapy, there were Japanese Institutes made a six-week study for 100 Japanese and 30 white people, and found that 2% b3 nicotinamide has greatly reduced oil secretion on the skin. There is also a literature proposing 4% b3 nicotinamide with a prescription antibiotic 1% clinmycin having the same effect on the bacteria destroying the acne. Different is that it is more gentle than the prescription, basically no study found that b3 nicotinamide has any significant replacement, which is very effective for slight to moderate acne. But if you are a serious acne patient, you must see a doctor because patients usually require stronger drug treatment, such as oral A acid.

2. Chopping blackhead acne to pores

Because the Niacinamide has just been mentioned to reduce oil secretion, it can improve the blackhead acne in the pores to achieve the effect of the pore. Studies have pointed out that Niacinamide is used with salicylic acid, which can improve the pores and skin smoothness.

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3. Anti-cancer anti-aging

In the literature of skin disease surgery, the American Skin Institute conducted a 12-week test for 50 female experimenter. The experimenter applied Niacinimide in the half-face, and found that wrinkles and skin elasticity were improved after 12 weeks. What is the cause of b3 nicotinamide can be reduced, and the free radicals are the substances produced after the skin is damaged by daylight. He will destroy our skin collagen, leading to wrinkles, skin loss, more terrible is that he will lead to skin cancer. Free radicals are a very good anti-aging anti-skin cancer component.

4. Red-red anti-sensitive sensation

Dry muscle sensitive muscle or erythritis patients, the skin's water storage capacity is relatively weak, resulting in a loss of epidermal water (loss of skin water) than normal skin, the skin is in a lack of water, in order to cause damage to the horny layer, foreign The study proposes Niacinamide to effectively increase cellular neuronamide (neurotine), ceramide improves skin water storage capacity, reducing epithelial water distribution and skin sensitivity. reaction.

The study also pointed out that Niacinamide had a significant effect on reducing the pan red and red swollen acne in a distiller, and it is very gentle to distilter, basically does not cause any sensitive response. The following figure is the effect of the four weeks of wine using Niacinamide.

5. White

To learn to understand whitening, first learn why the skin will become black. Black skin and freckles are melanin (melanin) from the skin.

When our skin is exposed to the sun, this causes some damage to the keratinocyte (keratinocytes), thereby activating the process of DNA injury repair. Strategic cells will signal to melanocytes (melanocytes). This signal excited the production of α-melan cell stimulating hormone (melanocyte stimulating), and then binds to Melanocortin 1 Receptor (black leather 1 receptor) and causes (or increased) to produce Melanosome, then Melanosome Transfer to adjacent keratin in melanocytes, and then better protects its pre-sunlight.

The production of melanin involves melanocytes to transfer melans in the skin to keratinocytes.

Studies have shown that Niacinamide can inhibit conversion activities between cells, thereby reducing melanin production.

Skin pathology research and practice literature proposes 4% of b3 nicotinamide to dilute the hepatic spots to replace the US prescription, while causing side effects such as skin sensitivity.

Whitening principles of B3 nicotinamide:

Reduce environmental stimulation: such as sunscreen, or block the activation of the ultraviolet

Hormono cell activation is prevented: preventing the black signal to stimulate melanocytes

Inhibiting the activity of various enzymes: During synthetic melanin, many enzymes need to inhibit their activity

Inhibit mean transport: reduce or prevent production of melanoli epidermosis

Promote melan shedding: Various chemical exfoliation, let Means fall off with old horns, sensitive skin care

The whitening principle of b3 nicotinamide is the fourth: inhibiting the inhibitory of melan. Although nicotinoids do not inhibit melanocytes, it is possible to greatly inhibit melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes, thereby reducing intracellular pigment precipitation.

Other aspects of b3 nicotinamide:


In the process of repairing the skin barrier, it can effectively reduce the loss of skin. Studies have shown that 2% of the b3 nicotinamide is better moisturizing than Vaseline; b3 nicotinamide and hyaluronic acid and glycerin compounds can play a very effective moisturizing effect.

Oil control

The b3 nicotinamide can make over-excited sebaceous glands, oil skin is controlled, and the dry skin is moisturized. External b3 nicotinamide (2%) can reduce the production of fatty acids and triglycerides in sebum, controlling oil secretion, reducing the production of blackheads, and reduces the skin smoother.

Treat acne

There is a b3 nicotinamide to reduce sebum secretion, promote rypelling. Studies have confirmed that 4% nicotinoid gel on inflammation-based acne (mainly red acne, acne marks) can be compared with 1% clinmycin gel (the main part of treatment of acne), However, there is no drug resistance that is often occurring in anti-bacterial ointment in clonmycin.

Repair skin barrier

Macalamide can promote skin barrier layer lipid (neuronamide) and barrier layer protein (such as angiocritophilic protein and silk polyproprin), stimulate the viscosity and thickness of the leather layer, increasing the viscosity and thickness of the leather layer, increase the viscosity and thickness of the leather layer The maturity of the keratin layer.


B3 nicotinamide can provide a viability of keratinocytes, increase collagen synthesis, and studies have shown that the use of b3 nicotinamide (content of 5%) can reduce the wrinkles, erythema, yellow and color spots of aging facial skin.


B3 nicotinamide prevents protein saccharification, and the saccharified terminal is a yellow-brown brown protein accumulated in the skin. b3 nicotinamide will make the skin look so dark, there is an effect of improving the skin color.