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What's the function of chlorogenic acid?

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Chlorogenic acid has lower blood fat

Rat gas galvans 2.5g / kg can reduce the intestinal cholesterol absorption, reduce the cholesterol content of plasma. In vitro experiments, it also combines centered silver tea and cholesterol, but the four wonderful brave soup (honeysuckle, mysterious, angelica, licorice) treatment rabbit experimental atherosclerosis. No effect of lowering blood fat and aortic wall cholesterol was observed.green coffee been extract manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

Chlorogenic acid enhances the role of defense function

The concentration of gold and silver frying is diluted to 1: 1280, which can still promote the phagocytic function of white blood cells. The mouse abdominal injection of gold and silver flowers were also significantly promoted the effect of inflammatory cell phagocytic function.

Chlorogenic acid anti-toxin

We assay endotoxin content with mouse test methods, 300% Chlorogenic acid (honeysuckle) injection is diluted in 1: 2-1: 64, in vitro test, regardless of the diaphragm method or test tube method, significantly reduced endotoxin in the test solution The content, wherein the dilution tube of 1: 2-1: 8 is in liquid state as a negative control tube, and the positive control is gelled.

The distillation 6g / kg of the tea is intravenous, the rabbit temperature drop caused by the venoms of the pry bacterium 2.8mg / kg, and the number of white blood cells have decreased, the amount of golden flowers (honeysuckle) Distillation 7.5g / kg Or injection of 2.5 g / kg of intraperitoneal injection, mice injected with tachosecutin 65 mg / kg of Pseudomonas, reducing mouse mortality.

Other role of chlorogenic acid

There have been in vitro screening experiments to report the water and dripping solution of gold and silver flower tea on the sarcoma 180 and the Ai's ascites.Chlorogenic acid extracts have a mild prevention effect on the experimental gastric ulcer of rats.buy chlorogenic - ZHENYIBIO

Oral large doses of chlorosaic acid increases gastrointestinal motility and promotes gastric fluid and bile secretion. The chlorogenic acid and its decomposition products have excited roles of rats from the body of the rats. In addition, chlorogenic acid also enhances adrenaline and its norepinephrine on the boost effect of the cat and rats, but has no effect on the instiring of the cat.

The biological activity of the chloroslease can eliminate the oxygen free radicals of the body, improve the low white blood cells, which is very good at lowering blood pressure and lowering blood lipidial levels, in the whole process of hectic blood pressure, green leaser gains full The efficacy is relatively large, and the chlorogenic acid has its shadow in health care food or health products, and the antioxidant effect of chlorogenic acid is strong, stronger than caffeic acid.

The chlorogenic acid is a substance that is obtained in the gold and silver flower tea, its effect and efficacy are the same as part of the efficacy of gold and silver tea. The chlorosaic acid has the effects and effects of bacteria. It usually eats snacks or drinks soda in usually, and has some green alcohols, which can be used as a bactericidal effect. Additives are placed thereto.

The Chlorogenic acid has a certain antioxidant effect, and the organism can be maintained, so that the human body is getting more and more robust. Nowadays, people who have cancer are more and more, and the chlorogenic acid has certain anti-cancer actual effects. It can block the growth and development of human tumor cells, and can avoid the spread of tumor cells, some vegetables and fruits and fresh fruits. It will be used as chlorogenic acid, which can often take it to prevent cancer. The chlorogenic acid has significant prevention and treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and has low toxicity and safety.

The reason whyChlorogenic acid can be beautiful, and it is still in its finishing effect. Because many people's skin and endocrine have been triggered by fever in the body, such as long acne, constipation, etc.Chlorogenic acid can just relieve these symptoms caused by heat, improve microcirculation, remove peroxidated fat deposition, and promote metabolism, and achieve protection and repair of skin.

The reason why Chlorogenic acid is called "Qingfeng Detoxification first flowers", because of its own shaped beauty, it can also make people's face, but also to clear the detoxification. The autumn tiger season, drink with gold and silver bubbles, or plus Hangbaiju, goqi, etc., it can clear the heat and heat, but also clear and detoxify. But the gold and silver peanuts are cold, pregnant women, babies, and spleen and stomach weaknesses cannot be eaten for a long time, so as not to cause spleen and stomach weakness and diarrhea.