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About 4n butylresorcinol you don't know

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What is 4n butylresorcinol?

4n butylresorcinol is a safe and cost-effective skin light. For other skin flasher, it is more effective and provides good stability in the cosmetic formula.butylresorcinol manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

Alkylstyrene alcohol is essentially common and found in wheat, rye and other cereals. Our but esterin is in chemical derivatives. Due to its structure, it has excellent bioavailability and is effective as a skin flash, which is also given uniform skin. It can also be used for age spots and other ultra-difference.

4n butylresorcinol is a whitening and skin flash, effective and safety on the skin. The ultra-difference is due to the accumulation of melanin, which may be immersed by plasmodium in age or disorders. The key regulator of melanin production is an enzyme tyrosine enzyme, so this interest is the most prominent goal of all whitewash agents.

4n butylresorcinol is a strong inhibitor of tyrosinase and peroxidase / H2O2, which is effective as a skin flasher and normal and supercharged normally, even suitable for brown tumor treatment. Compared to plant extracts, it exhibits excellent results, especially for hydroquinone, bear fruit protein and kojic acid, the most powerful whitening agent on the market, today is prohibited or limited.

The content of 4n butylresorcinol is absolutely safe, and whitening capabilities and strong protective effects of DNA damage to H2O2 induced DNA injury and anti-sugar-made performance: improve the synergistic effect of skin performance.

Several clinical studies have proven to have a strong effective force in cream, serum, chemical stripping and skin treatment. The latest and innovative applications are flushing products. Consumers use soap to add 4n butylresorcinol to the liquid and solid soap formulation, and show its efficacy as the skin brightness after several weeks.

4n butylresorcinol in cosmetic benefits

1. Very effective skin whitening is active for reducing age spots

2. Inhibit the tyrosinase and peroxidase

3. Inhibition of melanin production