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Best tetrapeptide-30 with various effects and application

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Black pigment melanin formative.

A kind of inflammation-inducing black pigmentation, melanin. Inflammation-induced melanin, melanin-containing melanin, local inflammation, long-term participation, anti-oxidation, or oxidative pigmentation, general metropolitan area limitation Target, withdrawal from the meeting after one step, melanin, etc.

This kind of melanin is a kind of melanin, and this kind of melanin is a true melanin. Black pigment Fine melanin production Black pigment, main use melanin ultraviolet line, opposite skin melanin production and protection action, receiving endocrine adjustment.

Skin lightening peptide is an oligopeptide composed of four amino acids, its mechanism of lightening skin is fast and effective, it can brighten the skin by reducing the amount of tyrosinase and inhibiting the activation of melanocytes, and skin lightening peptide is suitable for various skin of all kinds.Tetrapeptide-30 price -ZHENYIBIO

Tetrapeptide-30 overview 

Tetrapeptide-30, a natural active peptide inherent in the skin that evens skin tone, also significantly reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmented brown spots.

Keratinized fine vesicles, black pigment fine vesicle interaction, Yu α-black pigment fine follicles stimulating load (α-MSH) Black pigment fine cell activation and proliferation.

Tetrapeptide-30 melanin development of keratinocytes, inhibition of melanin, formation of melanin, and whitening of melanin.

Tetrapeptide-30 is a tetrapeptide that inhibits melanocyte activation and reduces melanin production by inhibiting the gene expression of tyrosinase and thereby reducing the amount of tyrosinase, and reducing the melanin-stimulating hormone α-MSH.

Skin lightening peptide whitening mechanism

Tetrapeptide-30 inhibits the gene expression of tyrosinase and reduces the amount of tyrosinase; inhibits melanocyte activation and reduces melanin production by reducing melanin α-MSH and melanin precursor POMC. In human keratinocytes, it can significantly reduce UVB-induced mRNA expression of interleukins IL-6, IL-8 and TNF-α, and most importantly, it can reduce the expression of POMC gene, reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and UVB-induced skin Pigmentation.

Tetrapeptide 30 skin clinical testing

Several clinical studies have shown that:

1. In the cream supplemented with 0.01% tetrapeptide-30, the gene expression of melanin α-MSH and melanin precursor POMC decreased by 32%;

2. Adding 0.01% Tetrapeptide-30 and VC Sodium Phosphate 2% Cream, twice a day, after 12 weeks, age spots and pimple marks were significantly reduced.

3. Add 0.01% tetrapeptide-30 and phenethyl resorcinol cream and apply it to pregnancy spots twice a day. After 15 days, the pregnancy spots are significantly reduced.

Application: cosmetic raw materials

Tetrapeptide-30/brightening peptide efficacy and application


2.Inhibits overproduction of melanin

3.Reduce melanin deposition

It can be added to beauty care products, such as skin lightening cream, skin lightening foundation, powder, freckle cream (sunburn, freckles).Tetrapeptide-30 supplier -ZHENYIBIO

Cosmetic application:

1. It is suitable for all kinds of whitening formulas to eliminate dull skin; at the same time, it is suitable for all kinds of pigmentation, especially the marks left by inflammation;

2. Unique mechanism, especially suitable for cooperating with other whitening raw materials (such as phenethyl resorcinol) to achieve synergistic effect. Can be added to skin lightening cream, skin lightening foundation, pressed powder, freckle cream (sunburn, freckles).

3. The tetrapeptide-30 powder is used as the product, which can be added in the final stage of cosmetic production, or mixed with skin care products after dissolving. It is easy to operate and has high safety.