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Can a healthy black person apply monobenzone to be fair

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Monobenzone is a partial use of lonelines for local use for excessive pigmentation, such as various pigmentation, senile spots, melanoma, etc., which has obvious effects. It can break down the melanin in the skin, prevent melanin production, and restore the skin to a healthy color without destroying melanin cells. It is very toxic and is usually made into ointment or rubbing agent. At present Freckle -free cosmetics, the existing market existing color -removing cosmetics has little freckle removal, and some have side effects.

Organic compounds 4-alcohol-oxygenols are named: pneumatic phenol, 4-phenyl oxyphenol, hydrogen moltic ether and Monobenzone, which means that this belongs to the same phenol-containing chemical Essence At present, the produced phenol toror has a liquid dosage -type hydrogen hydrogen monothelon ether and ointment -like Monophenzon. In the "Consensus and Treatment Consensus (2014 Edition)" written by domestic experts, the use of the two deserters is clearly guided, which is mainly suitable for white spots to accumulate the area of ??95 %, and the small area is local. Some patients think that they can expand the use of white spots to accumulate the area> 60 %, or even> 40 % of patients, and use it all over the body, which lacks scientific basis. The one -time effect of a person is not the scientific data and conclusions of the clinical trials of multiple patients; it is irresponsible to encourage or induce other patients to perform "fearless" discoloration treatment with unique examples of non -systemic decolorization.4 Benzyloxy phenol powder - ZHENYIBIO

Chemical name: 4- (phenyl oxygen) phenol, hydrogen-hydrogen basal ether

Cas no.: 103-16-2

Characteristic: milky white crystal powder; slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in ethanol and benzene; soluble in pyruis and alkali, insoluble in petroleum ether and hydrocarbons.

Features of monobenzone 

1. Improve epidermal blood microcirculation, activate melanin cell regeneration, and enhance immune function;

2. Whitening and freckle.

Usage: 0.1-30%.

Used: Whitening and freckle products.

"Monobenzone cream" is still unclear for the exact color offsement mechanism of normal skin, and has certain requirements for the indication of the decolorization. The effect and adverse reactions after discoloration are still difficult to grasp. The patient uses it blindly. Regret the possibility. At present, there is no formal Chinese drug manual in China. It is only learned through media reports that the formation of human epidermal melanin needs to go through a series of complex metabolic processes: tyrosine catalytic in tyrosine in tyrosine is catalyzed by tyrosinase Under the effect, Daba, Daba oxidation transforms into Daba, oxidation is transformed into Daba pigment, and Daba pigment gathers, and finally forms melanin. One point is that the chemical effect of Monobenzone is to obstruct and inhibit the formation of Daba Baba -this melanin formation, and does not destroy melanocytes. This shows that the drug is difficult to ensure that the function of melanin regeneration melanin in the epidermis and hair follicles is completely lost, that is, under the circumstances of not applying drugs, insufficient drugs, and producing resistance, melanocytes may still have possibility of melanin. This is also the cause of the skin due to the treatment of patients with medication.