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Is hamamelis virginiana good for skin

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What is the hamamelis virginiana?

Hamamelis virginianas, also known as Virginia witch plums, are a kind of deciduous shrub, native to eastern North America. North America witch plums were first used by North American Aboriginal people to treat bruises, inflammation and sensitivity. Branches/leather/roots/flowers/leaves can be used as medicine. The main ingredients of hamamelis virginiana plum extracts include a large amount of tannic acid, non -meal acid, catechin, primary flower greenin, flavonoids (Yamanatol, cordinin), essential oils (cottonol, cloveol, hexyne, Alcohol), choline and saponin. Among them, tannic acid and non -meal acid components are natural antioxidants. In addition, Hydrosol, distilled from North America Witchime, can be used to maintain the skin. It is a strong antioxidant and convergence, which is very effective when treating acne. It is also recommended to treat diseases, eczema, skin wounds, or blisters, mosquito bites, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. It also has a curative effect on skin cutting, bruises and sunburn.

Hamamelis virginiana extraction is an effective skin convergence agent that helps shrink skin pores and remove excess skin oil to prevent acne from growing. At the same time, it has a natural convergence nature to remove facial acne, bacteria and facial oil. Contains ingredients such as anthocyanins and tannins, which helps to treat skin inflammation, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. The powerful antioxidant of hamamelis virginianaic extracts combines its anti -inflammatory properties, which can inhibit skin damage and redness of skin damage caused by light radiation. And can relieve skin sensitivity. It can inhibit up to 27%of erythema (skin red caused by damage or stimulation).hamamelis virginiana leaf extract - ZHENYIBIO

The main role of hamamelis virginiana in Skin Care

1. Anti -inflammatory and antibacterial

Hamamelis virginiana contains many compounds with anti -inflammatory effects, which helps to relieve skin inflammation. The powerful antioxidanticity of Northern American Witchic extracts can inhibit skin damage and redness of skin damage and redness due to light radiation. Essence

2. Soothing and calming

There is a kind of soft -sensitive factors in North America. It is stimulated by the skin to generate unsuruades and help the skin to restore the calm.

3. Convergence pores

Hamamelis virginiana extraction is an effective skin convergence agent that helps shrink pores and remove excess skin oil to prevent acne from growing.

4. Antioxidant

Hamamelis virginiana has a strong clearance effect on the free radicals of nitro. The polyphenols contained in the cell will be oxidized in a special pathway in the cell. By causing oxidation pressure to cause endogenous detoxification reactions in the body.

5. There are many types of unippeling, such as Ellagtannin and Hamamlitannin, which can regulate sebum secretion, with moisturizing and white effects.

6. Promote lymphatic blood circulation and specifically overcome eye edema and dark circles.

7. It has the effect of sedation and soothing, and has improved effects on cracking, sunburn, and acne.

8. It can effectively help skin regeneration at night.

9. Remove the bags under the eyes, relax and relaxation of oil -based skin and allergic skin.

10. The relaxation and relaxation of hamamelis virginiana plums have excellent effects on oily or allergic skin, which can converge pores, moisturize, and static muscle effects. Make deeper cleanliness to make the skin tender and beautiful. The essence has the effects of regulating oil secretion, moisturizing and white.