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The application of royal jelly powder in cosmetics

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Royal jelly powder is used as skin conditioner, hair conditioner and softener in cosmetics

Royal jelly contains many nutrients and pharmaceutical ingredients, which can enhance the vitality of epidermal cells, improve the metabolism of the skin, and make dry, wrinkled and sagging skin smooth and elastic. The acidic substance has the functions of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, regulating skin physiology and curing skin diseases. Royal jelly powder can not only improve the antiseptic properties of cosmetics, but also help protect the skin from damage and darkening caused by ultraviolet rays. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun can enhance the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, thereby accelerating the formation of melanin, and royal jelly acid can significantly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and prevent the formation of melanin.

Royal jelly powder is the secretion of the pharyngeal glands of young worker bees

It is used to cultivate the larvae and the next generation of queen bees. Royal jelly powder is only the food of the larval stage. Then the larvae become the food of the queen bee and change to nectar. The food of the queen has always been royal jelly. In royal jelly, it contains 67% water, 12.5% ??protein, 11% monosaccharides, 6% fatty acids, 3.5% royal acid, and also contains trace minerals, antibacterial ingredients and vitamins B and C. Royal jelly is added to cosmetics as a moisturizer and anti-inflammatory agent. Because royal jelly has poor stability and is easily decomposed, avoid multiple exposures to the air when using products containing this type of product.Royal jelly freeze-dried powder-ZHENYIBIO

Royal jelly powder, the English name is Powdered ROYAL JELLY. The main role of royal jelly powder in cosmetics and skin care products is anti-inflammatory, sunscreen, and antibacterial. It can not only detoxify and nourish skin, purify pigmentation, improve microcirculation, but also prevent lipid overpass. Oxidize and reduce pigmentation.

The royal jelly powder effects are:

(1) Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, eliminating viruses.

(2) Antioxidant, enhance SOD activity and prevent lipid peroxidation.

(3) Strengthen immunity and improve self-healing ability.

(4) Purify blood vessels, soften blood vessels, and improve microcirculation. In addition, the flavonoids can also play an effective sunscreen effect.

Royal jelly powder added to cosmetics can promote and enhance the vitality of epidermal cells. Improve cell metabolism, reduce the accumulation of metabolites, prevent fibrosis, hardening, and nourish the skin, thereby making the skin soft and elastic, delaying and delaying the aging of the skin.