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The role of salidroside

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What is salidroside?

Salidroside is a compound extracted from the dry roots and rhizome or dry whole grass from the Skyco Plastics, which has a prevention of tumors, enhanced immune function, delay aging, anti-fatigue, anti-hypoxia, and prevents Radiation, two-way adjustment of central nervous, repair protection body, etc. It is usually used as the treatment of chronic patients and body weakly infected patients. Clinical use in the treatment of neurasthenia and neurological essential disease, improvement, memory, highlands red blood cells, hypertensive diseases; as excited neurodulations, used to improve intelligence, improve plant nerve - vascular tension disorders have muscle weakness, etc. In the case of free radical, such as tumor, radiation damage, emphysema, elderly cataract, etc., as a strong agent, used for impotence, etc.; redview is also used in sports medicine and aerospace medicine, used in various Health protection of staff under special environmental conditions.

Rhodium is adapted to the original effect and two-way adjustment. Inhibitory changes in the brain monoamine, spleen and thymopphosphate, lymphocyte conversion, serum hemolytic blood, etc. After injection of red-lace, the thyroid function and adrenal function of rabbits can be enhanced, and the mouse and secretion function can be excited. Improve attention and memory. Improve the level of β-indolyphenol in plasma and prevent changes in pressure hormones.RHODIOLA ROSEA EXTRACT price - ZHENYIBIO

Salidroside effects and uses

Uses: antibacterial effect, protect cardiovascular function, effective antioxidant, anti-cancer activity, enhance memory, anti-radiation

1. Improve immunity

Rhodiovisions can promote the conversion of immune system T lymphocytes, increase phagocytic cell viability, such that immunity, anti-virus capacity increases.

2. Improve human oxygen supply capacity

Many people have to generate "Plateau Response" in the plateau, and the Rhodio Day is very friendly for the far away.

Main effect: Improve blood oxygen-oxygen-containing amount, increase the efficiency of red blood cell carrying oxygen, and rapidly improve the human brain and tissue hypoxia, increase blood flow and flow rate.

3. Antioxidant

Free radicals in the body, destroy the body's tissue and healthy cells, easy to make people sick, rich in flavonoids, anti-oxidant can prevent free radical formation, protect the body from free radical unstable molecules Destroy, but make your body healthier.

4. Enhance memory

Enhance the excitability of the brain memory system, enhance its brain, and prevent mitigation of memory barriers.

5. Protect the cardiovascular system

Rhodiovisions can promote the conversion of immune system T lymphocytes, increase phagocytic cell viability, such that immunity, anti-virus capacity increases.

6. Skin care

The redview itself grows in a high alpine area, the ultraviolet radiation is strong, and the absorbent moisturizing ability is strong.

Rhodiola and Rhodiovisions can inhibit the decomposition of collagen in vivo, reduce the diaper diameter proline discharge to inhibit wrinkles, inhibit tyrosine kinase activity, prevent brownprine calm and dark brown spots.

Pharmacological role of salidroside

1. Two-way adjustment: Rhodio Day mobilizes all positive factors in the body, has insufficient replenishment, reduces the two-way adjustment effect. By adjusting the nervous system. Introduction system. The function of the metabolic system, blood sugar, blood lipids. Blood pressure and cardiovascular function recovery.rhodiola salidroside manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

2. Effective adjustment of the nervous system: Effectively eliminate the nervousness of people, balance the adjustment of the central nervous, improve sleeping eyes and irritation or depression; improving attention, enhancing memory. Wake up brain puzzle, reduce the error rate, improve work and learning efficiency, and prevent senile dementia.

3. Anti-fatigue: Rhodio day has a strong role in increasing the duration of the brain and the body's normal activity, extend the load capacity of the brain nerve and body muscle. It has a significant role in the effort and vitality of the prevention and treatment of fatigue syndrome.

4. Anti-radiation anti-tumor: Salidroside can effectively improve T lymphocyte conversion and phagocytic viability, enhance immunity, inhibit tumor growth, so that white blood cells increase, resist microwave radiation, and other patients with cancer There is a good auxiliary rehabilitation after illness.

5. Anti-hypoxia: redview can reduce the aerobic overall oxygen consumption speed, improve the brain on hypoxia, and increase the bloody oxygen-resistant ability of blood, increase the resistance of the body, so that the lesion is rapidly recovering.

6. The role of the human body smooth muscle: Asthma is due to smooth muscle, the redview can relieve smooth muscle spasm and regulate the intestinal smooth muscle movement, have a significant role in asthma, bronchitis, sputum, constipation, etc.

7. The role of rheumatoid arthritis rheumatism: arthritis is due to wind, cold, wet three evil, a large number of clinical proves, Salidroside can drive the wind, cold, eliminate pain, especially for joint swelling Swelling and inhibiting effect.

8. Anti-aging: Redview day can delay cell aging, increase the activity of SOD in vivo, inhibit the formation of cellular fat brown and active oxygen. Enhance cell metabolism and synthesis, improve cellular vitality. In addition, it also has the effect of beauty skin care.