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What are the benefits of propolis extract?

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Propolis extract basics

Propolis extract is a resin collected from plant young buds and trunks. The secretions of Hubei on the bee, beeswax, and a small amount of pollen are processed, which tastes slightly bitter.

The main ingredients of Propolis extract are flavonoids, dilutes, organic acids, aromatherapy, and various amino acid enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc. The complex effective ingredients in Propolis extract are the material foundation of excellent natural health products and drugs. Propolis extract is hailed as "the most perfect natural broad -spectrum antibiotic", "natural immunoagers", "Qing Daofu of blood vessels", and "healthy protection god".

Medicinal value of propolis liquid extract 

Scientific research shows that Propolis extract contains a large amount of flavonoids, pyrine and other compounds. There are more than 30 types of flavonoids and flavonol compounds from Propolis extract.

In addition, Propolis extract also contains a variety of essential trace elements and multiple vitamins such as selenium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, and calcium. Propolis extract has been applied to the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, and its main health and disease prevention function is explained as follows:

1. Antioxidant and protective cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

Propolis extract is recognized as a natural antioxidant. Among them, granidin, citrin, vitamin E, vitamin C, and trace element zinc, selenium and other substances have a strong antioxidant effect. It can increase the removal ability of the body's free radicals and prevent the oxidation damage of free radicals.

2. Enhance immune function

Propolis extract can improve the body's body fluid immune and cellular immune function. Studies have proved that Propolis extract can significantly enhance the deviation of macrophages and the activity of natural killing cells, and can promote the body to produce more antibodies.

Clinical studies have proved that after the elderly take Propolis extract extract, the antibody synthesis ability and the devouring of immune cells have been significantly improved.

3. Bacheburbal, antiviral

Propolis extract has a broad -spectrum antibacterial effect. Propolis extract extracts can be died with bacterial soluble. Propolis extract is also a natural antiviral substance, which has a strong inhibitory effect on a variety of viruses.

4. Prevent tumor

Propolis extract is rich in anti -cancer substances. Studies have proved that cancer patients can reduce cancer cells and reduce side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy after taking Propolis extract.

5. Other functions

In addition to the above health effects, Propolis extract also has anti -allergic, anti -inflammatory, fatigue, anti -fatigue, blood pressure, blood lipids, and improve metabolism.

The magical effect of Propolis extract

1. Propolis extract and diabetes

Propolis extract can activate cells, promote tissue regeneration, repair islet cells and tissues with disease damage to help reduce blood sugar; eliminate inflammation, treat infections, prevent and treat infectious complications; reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels, improve microcirculation, diabetic patients take Propolis extract patient It can prevent vision decline and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications; restore physical strength and eliminate symptoms of "three more and one less"; diabetic people insist on taking Propolis extract can strengthen immune function, enhance physical fitness, and improve the quality of life.

2. Propolis extract and hypertension

Patients with hypertension are continuously taking flavonoids and Propolis extract with strong antioxidant ability, which can not only reduce the harm of oxide lipids to blood vessels, prevent blood vessels, but also effectively reduce the content of triglyceride lipids , Reducing platelet agglomeration and improving microcirculation can reduce excessive blood pressure and prevent accidents from occurring. Therefore, middle -aged and elderly people, especially patients with hypertension, heart disease, and arteriosclerosis, often taking Propolis extract is very beneficial to healthy longevity.

3. Propolis extract and cancerpropolis extract supplier -ZHENYIBIO

Natural substances such as flavonoids, miltyne, polysaccharides, and organic acids contained in Propolis extract have a significant inhibitory effect on cancer cells. Cancer patients not only reduce cancer cells significantly after taking Propolis extract, but also effectively prevent cancer cell metastasis. And can reduce the side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it can also gradually improve the physique, and the white blood cells in the blood increases rapidly. Many studies have proved that Propolis extract is a natural immunogenetic agent. Propolis extract can stimulate immune function and Class C glimmer activity, increase the amount of antibody production, enhance macrophages, thereby increasing the body's resistance and inhibiting cancer cell growth.

4. Propolis extract and immune function

Propolis extract can play a role in immune auxiliary agent, help improve the energy of antibodies, increase the content of total serum and globulin, increase the swallowing ability of white blood cells and macrophages, can stimulate immune function, better play a role The specific and non -special immune capacity of the body.

5. Propolis extract and gastrointestinal diseases

The gastritis and gastrointestinal ulcers are pyloric spirals in gastric sinus mucosa. Because Propolis extract has a good natural broad -spectrum antibacterial and anti -inflammatory effect, it also has the effect of protecting and promoting the renewal of damaged tissues. At the same time, Propolis extract can have a hemostatic effect on the ulcer and surroundings, so that the damage to the cell site will restore the original cell vitality. Soon, soon Restore the cell tissue and heal the ulcer.

6. Propolis extract and oral ulcers

Propolis extract has inhibitory or killing bacteria, fungi, viruses, and raw worms. Propolis extract also contains 34 trace elements, of which zinc can accelerate the regeneration ability of trauma tissue, leaving no scars after cure. In addition, after coating the local mucous membrane of Propolis extract ethanol, a protective film can be formed. The ulcer surface is isolated from the oral cavity under the protection of the membrane to prevent secondary infection and accelerate the healing of the sore surface under the action of zinc.

7. Propolis extract and beauty skin care

Propolis extract is a beauty that can be taken oral and external. Taking Propolis extract can not only eliminate toxins, purify blood, improve microcirculation, but also prevent lipid peroxidation, reduce pigment deposition, and disappear to toxins, acne, and brown spots unknowingly. When there are acne on your face, you can apply it directly, or you can add Propolis extract to the daily cosmetics and apply it. This can prevent the acne from being infected with bacteria infection. For a few days, the acne will converge. It must be noted that Propolis extract must be diluted when applying directly.

8. The magical effect of Propolis extract external use

What skin diseases can Propolis extract can treat: Propolis extract to eliminate warts; zoster; psoriasis; eczema, dermatitis; itching of skin; athletes; chicken eye; fungal head; hair loss; otolaryngomy; otolaryngology; all clinical effects of otolaryngomy Essence

Dermatologists use Propolis extract ethanol extraction to extract the affected area to treat shallow mold disease caused by various pathogenic molds, with an effective rate of 82.5%. Propolis extract is effective for various types of ringworm disease, with an effective rate of 93.3%. The effective rate of treatment of deep fungal disease (with silk fungal disease) is 77.2%. It is a good medicine for treating hands and feet chicken eyes, and the cure rate is more than 95%.

Propolis extract is a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, natural immunoagers, natural antioxidants, blood "Clear Daofu" and healthy protective gods. It has been successfully applied to clinical treatment of various diseases, especially the treatment of modern medicine. The stubborn illness, so that people can get healthy and longevity.

More specific effects of propolis extract

1. The effect of Propolis extract on improving immunity

Propolis extract is a natural and efficient immune enhancer, which can stimulate the body's immune function and enhance the vitality of macrophages.

2. Propolis extract effect on the body's antioxidant and anti-aging

One of the reasons why people will gradually aging is a series of oxygen metabolisms in the body, while continuously producing free radicals in real estate. The peroxide, these peroxide deposits on the cell membrane, causing the cell membrane to lose function, causing cell vitality to decrease, and the body aging. In addition, these peroxides will also be deposited on the vascular wall, causing blood vessel walls and hardening, and vascular rupture. Excess free radicals also act on the genetic material DNA in the cell, causing cells to cancer or die.

The antioxidant effect of the body can maintain the balance of free radicals and elimination, which has an important role in prevention and anti-aging.

Flavonoids, pyrine and other substances in Propolis extract have strong antioxidant properties, and at the same time, they can also significantly improve the activity of super oxide dismissal enzyme (SOD) that removes free radicals in the body. The research results have proved that Propolis extract has a strong antioxidant ability at a concentration of 0.01% to 0.05%. Therefore, Propolis extract is a rare natural antioxidant and an important substance for humans to maintain health and delay aging.

3. The effect of Propolis extract on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

Experts found that there is a significant effect of treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with Propolis extract. It can effectively reduce the permeability of capillaries, prevent vascular sclerosis, improve microcirculation, and significantly lower blood lipids, blood sugar, lower blood pressure, prevent and prevent and prevent blood pressure. Treatment of various cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases. Nikolov and et al. Treat 42 patients with hypertension with Propolis extract capsules. After 20 days of treatment, 35 cases were reduced after 20 days of treatment, with an effective rate of 83%. Hua Meijun (1991) was treated with Propolis extract with Propolis extract. After 4 weeks, plasma ratio, blood sink, and red blood cell pressure accumulation. All blood ratio viscosity improves significantly or extremely significant improvement. As the blood viscosity decreases, the patient's conscious mind is clear, the limb disappearance, and the coronary heart disease group has no case. 

As long as patients with hyperthyroidism, as long as they are taking Propolis extract can prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease and brain stuffy. The reason why Propolis extract has obvious treatment effect on patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients is that Propolis extract contains a large amount of flavonoid compounds. The Chinese herbal medicines contain such compounds. At present, the main medicinal ingredients commonly used in the treatment of coronary heart disease, "Shuxue Ning Tablets", such as Yamanatsu, alien, and chimotolin, etc., which are not only existing in Propolis extract, but not low in the Propolis extract. In addition, the flavonoids and various active substances in Propolis extract have antioxidant to remove excessive active oxygen and blood in the blood, so that the human body's metabolism can be unobstructed and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Propolytic effect on hyperlipidemia and hyper viscositymia

Hyperlipidemia is a risk factor that causes cerebrovascular disease, and Propolis extract has a significant effect of lowering blood lipids. The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the China Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly conducted a research on Propolis extract blood lipids. The results showed that compared with the model group of Propolis extract, the trigema of serum glycerin, blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, red blood cells, and red blood cells were significantly reduced compared with the model group. The role of blood flow changes such as pressure accumulation, fibrinogen and platelet adhesion, and most indicators can be observed on most indicators.

Propolis extract has a significant effect of lowering blood lipids and has a good effect on hyperlipidemia. Nanjing Medical College uses Propolis extract to treat hyperlipidemia, and uses Angelming to treat hyperlipidemia for comparison observation to obtain similar results. It is pointed out that Propolis extract has a continuous and progressive ability to reduce the ability of hypertoncelcethia.

5. The effect of Propolis extract on diabetes

The reason why Propolis extract is effective for diabetic patients is based on evidence provided by pharmacology: (1) Propolis extract has an insulin -like effect. That is to promote the use of exogenous glucose to synthesize liver glycogen. (2) The glycol and butterfly compounds contained in Propolis extract. Studies have proved that these substances have good hypoglycemic effects even if the content is very low. (3) Propolis extract has a good sterilization and anti -inflammatory effect. To prevent the infection of germs on islet cells, protect it, and can activate islet cells, and to treat and recover for islet cells and tissues that occur. (4) Propolis extract is a natural antioxidant and can significantly improve the activity of antioxidants (SOD), reduce the damage of free radicals to cells and prevent and treat complications of various diabetes.

Some flavonoids and mullette compounds in Propolis extract can promote the use of exogenous glucose to synthesize liver glycogen. They also have some compounds such as Ziol and Dieqi, which have obvious blood sugar lowering effects. According to the research and clinical observations of Chinese scholars, the total effective rate of hypoglycemic hypoglycemic Propolis extract extract is as high as 94.7%. However, the hypoglycemic effect of Propolis extract is not the same for each diabetic patient. Generally speaking, 39% of patients (type II diabetes) can return to normal levels at about a week after taking Propolis extract for about a week. 55% of patients (1 and II diabetes) need to take Propolis extract on the basis of the original treatment. This part of the patient can gradually reduce the blood sugar that has been high after taking Propolis extract. For patients with type 1 diabetes, they can gradually reduce the amount of insulin after taking Propolis extract. About 5.3% of patients have no change in blood sugar no matter how Propolis extract is taking Propolis extract. However, from the perspective of Propolis extract can prevent and treat various complications, regardless of the effect of Propolis extract hypoglycemic, Propolis extract is of great significance for each diabetic patient.

Clinical observation and extensive practical application show that the therapeutic effect of Propolis extract extracts for diabetic patients is at least: help to reduce blood sugar; antibacterial and anti -inflammatory, eliminate toxins, prevent and treat various infections; reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels, improve microcirculation, prevent blood vessels from vascular prevention Diseases; regulate immunity, improve disease resistance; restore physical strength, eliminate the symptoms of "three more and one less"; enhance physical fitness and improve the quality of life.

6. The effect of Propolis extract on hypertension

The cause of hypertension is still not completely clear, but one of the reasons is. Excessive fats are usually intake, and the cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood are too high to form atherosclerosis, causing obstacles to cause blood vessel contraction and dilation. At this time, higher blood pressure is required to promote blood circulation. Causes the blood pressure to increase. Propolis extract has a strong antioxidant capacity, which can not only reduce the harm of oxidation lipids to blood vessels, prevent blood vessels, but also effectively reduce the triglyceride content, reduce platelet agglomeration, and improve microcirculation, which can reduce high blood pressure Therefore, it has a certain prevention and treatment effect on hypertension.

Former Soviet Dr. Nocolov reported clinical observation of 42 patients with hypertension. Patients are 45 to 72 years old and have a history of 4 to 15 years. They are stages Ⅱ and phase III hypertension. After serving Propolis extract capsules, 3 capsules each time, 3 times a day, take it before meals. Three months later, the subjective symptoms of 37 patients (88%) were significantly improved, headache, dizziness, and tinnitus disappeared, no pain in the first zone was seen, palpitations and compression were alleviated, and their weight was alleviated. Only 5 symptoms improved significantly. Of these, 35 (83.4%) of blood pressure decreased, the average systolic blood pressure decreased by 20 to 40 mm Hg, and the average diastolic pressure was reduced by 10mm Hg, and all patients had no adverse reactions.

7. The effect of Propolis extract on malignant tumors

Animal test and actual clinical application prove that Propolis extract does have a good anti -cancer effect. Gastric cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, leukemia, after taking Propolis extract, cancer cell growth and metastasis are well controlled, and patients' survival The period is significantly extended, and some patients have fully recovered. It also found that Propolis extract has a good effect of increasing white blood cells. Patients with white blood cells around 2000 After taking Propolis extract for a period of time, white blood cells can return to about 5000.

Propolis extract anti -tumor effects, the mechanism of its role is: Propolis extract is an immune enhancer, which can stimulate immune function and Cypenal protein activity, increase the amount of antibody production, enhance the swallowing ability of macrophages, thereby improving the body's resistance, inhibiting cancer cells, inhibiting cancer cells Growth; Propolis extract contains dermatin, coffee acid benzene, isoprene, rodentic gingerin, glycolin, polysaccharide and other substances. These substances have good anti -cancer effects; The cause of cancer is the virus. When the virus invades the human body, genetic mutations are caused, resulting in the vicious development of cancer genes in cells. Therefore, antiviral activated substances can be used for anti -cancer. Cancer activity; Propolis extract has a strong antioxidant effect, which can effectively eliminate free radical damage and reduce new cancer cells.

8. The effect of Propolis extract on the stomach and duodenal ulcer

Propolis extract can form a thin film that cannot penetrate on the skin and mucous membranes, and has significant ability to sterilize and anti -inflammatory, and promote tissue regeneration. Therefore, people use Propolis extract to treat stomach and duodenal ulcers. Dr. FeiKs in Austria was treated with 294 patients at hospital, of which 186 were undergoing conventional treatment, and 108 cases were applied with Propolis extract while receiving conventional treatment. As a result, the pain relief of the Propolis extract group reached 92% 2 weeks after administration. 55% after 2 weeks, the radiation examination proved that the cure rate of Propolis extract group reached 60%, and the cure rate of conventional groups was only 30%. Tests have proved that Propolis extract treatment ulcers can quickly relieve pain, the cure time is short, and the cure rate is high.

9. The safety of Propolis extract

Propolis extract, as a very physiological and pharmacological effect, is bee products that are very physiological and pharmacological. To be applied clinically, it is necessary to consider its safety issues. For drugs, it is generally necessary to test its acute toxicity, subacute toxicity, teratogenic effects, and perverted reactions.

In 1991, the Food Health Supervision Inspection Institute of the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China conducted a safety test on Beijing Propolis extract internal service in accordance with the "Food Safety toxicology Evaluation Procedure": acute toxicity (mice LD50> 1500 mg/kg), subacute toxicity test. Creation of mutation tests, sperm malformations, mammalian cells (V70 / HCPRT) gene mutation tests, all of which are negative. Mouse fed for 90 days (1500 mg/kg) and reproduced. Traditional teratogenic (5000 mg/kg) test did not see toxic reactions. The results show that Beijing Propolis extract is actual non-toxic substances, and the stipulated dose of food is safe.

Propolis extract in cosmetics and skin care products are anti -inflammatory agents, antioxidants, and have anti -corrosion, antibacterial, anti -inflammatory, antipruritic, deodorization, shielding, skin care and promoting tissue regeneration, skin, cleaning the effective ingredients of mouth and beauty.