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What is a glabridin

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Glabridin is a flavonoid matter, and the glycosis is extracted from the root of Glycyrrhiza Glabra L. is the best active ingredient for licorice whitening.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra L is a multi-year herb, growing in southern Europe, Asia, Mediterranean, widely planted in Russia, Spain, Iran and India. The content of the Glabridin is scarce, and each 1000kg of jigu licorice can only be extracted from 100 g of Glabridin, and the extraction purification process is cumbersome, so there is "whitening gold".

Glabridin can fix the inside of the skin, maintain whitening and efficient oxidation, effectively inhibiting the activity of various enzymes in the melanin production, in particular inhibiting tyrosic acid enzyme activity, but also has the effect of preventing skin roughness and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, It is currently a good care of the cost, and the full-functional whitening ingredients.

Glabridin is a whitening effect to the formation of melanase activity inhibition and melanin. Glabridin's inhibitory effect is a whitening king - 232 times the vitamin C.

The percharge enzyme is an essential enzyme that can regularly generate melanin, which makes the skin or the eye becomes black, so that the formation of melanin can inhibit melanin.

The anti-inflammatory effects of Glabridin, reduce inflammation caused by ultraviolet irradiation (sunlight), chemical stimuli, etc., reducing the cell death caused by inflammation, while reducing the inner layer of the cells produced by the cells in inflammation after death, play Anti-aging and reducing pigmentation of pixra deposited in inflammation.

Glabridin is a whitening raw material without cytotoxicity. Glabridin Decorates the Safety Test through the US FDA RIPT human skin, and is certified to be harmless skin care ingredients in nature. The active ingredient is set in nature in nature.Glabridin manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

Glabridin has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and anti-chain formation. After years of use, the function is comprehensive, the effect is obvious, and the safety is good, and is the main function of high-end whitening makeup.

Glabridin has an antioxidant, anti-aging, and has a certain peripheral skin. It should be noted that the glycerosis must be stored in an environment of 2-10 ℃, which is easily deteriorated in a high temperature environment. In addition, Glabridin also has certain anti-inflammatory effects, for the pigmentation of the skin, insist on the use of light grass to be anti-inflammatory and whitening.

Efficacy and role of glabridin

Glabridin set strong antibacterial, preventing purity, pigmentation and skin roughness, etc., can remove superoxide ions, inhibiting hemolytic effect caused by hydrogen peroxide, it can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase Inhibition of dobin intervenum and DHICA oxidase activity are a rapid, efficient, green whitening freckle cosmetic additive, which has the ability to remove oxygen free radicals similar to SOD (peroxidase), and also have Vitamin E has similar antioxidant free radicals. In addition, Glyphia is also a strong oxidation, anti-atherosclerosis and the role of ChemicalBook constant lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure.

Pharmacological effect of glabridin powder

Glabridin is one of the main flavonoids in the fruit glyphist. It shows a strong anti-free radical oxidation in the cytochrome P450 / NADPH oxidation system, which can significantly inhibit the free radicals produced during metabolism in vivo, so as not to be subject to oxidative biological macromolecules (low density lipoprotein LDL, DNAs) and cell walls are freely based on free radical oxidation. Thus, some pathological changes associated with free radical oxidation, such as atherosclerosis, cell aging, and the like. In addition, Glabridin has a certain effect of lowering blood fat and lowering blood pressure.Glabridin powder - ZHENYIBIO

What is the principle of glabridin?

Glabridin will be able to deepen the inside of the skin and maintain high activity, whitening and efficient oxidation. Effectively inhibits the activity of multiple enzymes in the melanin production, in particular inhibits tyrosinase activity, thereby inhibiting the formation of melanins. It also has the effect of preventing rough skin and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Why is glabridin called whitening gold?

Because the source of the Glabridin is not easy, the first jigui licorice is not much, plus all kinds of filtration, the extraction layer is selected, and it is necessary to extract in the root leaves of 1000 kilograms of fresh fruit. Get excellent whitening ingredients of less than 100G "Glycerstice".

Also, it is the best in many whitening ingredients, with a gold level effect - experimentally detecting melanin inhibition IC50 value found that the inhibitory effect of melanin is 232 times the vitamin C.

Glabridin decoction and effect

It is mentioned that whitening products is to inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce melanin production. According to the "Research on Several Common Whitening Agent Synergy" Thesis is shown that in the amount of low concentration, the inhibition rate of the tyrosinase is 80 times the prototype C, 140 times the nicotinamide.

However, in fact, an external factor such as ultraviolet, pressure, pollution causes the release of inflammatory factors, and will increase the darkness of the skin. Therefore, the first step in whiten should be soothing inflammation in the source, reducing the cause of melanin generation, and "Glabridin" is a great achievement, and various pathways formed in melanin are intervened, and single ingredient can realize 4 big passages whitening.