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What is syn coll?

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Syn coll protein efficacy

1. Moisturizing: syn colls contain hydrophilic natural moisturizing factors, which directly form syn coll after entering the body, and keep the skin moist and supple at all times.

2. Nutrition: syn colls have strong permeability to the skin, and can combine with skin epithelial cells through the stratum corneum, participate in and improve the metabolism of skin cells, and strengthen the syn coll activity in the skin. It can maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum moisture and fiber structure, improve the living environment of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin tissue, enhance blood circulation, and achieve the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

3. Brighten the skin: The luster of the skin depends on the water content. The good water-retaining ability of syn coll makes the skin moist and shiny, and emits a healthy radiance.

4. Firming: When syn colls are absorbed by the skin, they are filled between the dermis of the skin, increasing the tightness of the skin, generating skin tension, reducing pores, and making the skin tight and elastic.palmitoyl tripeptide 5 serum - ZHENYIBIO

5. Anti-wrinkle: The plump syn coll layer in the dermis supports skin cells, combined with moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effects, to achieve the effect of stretching rough lines and diluting fine lines.

6. Repair: syn colls can directly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, and have good reconciliation with surrounding tissues, which can help cells to produce syn coll and promote the normal growth of skin cells. It also has anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties.

Skin care principle of syn coll

Several studies by scientists have shown that syn colls are the main components of the skin, 72% of the skin is syn coll, and 80% of the dermis is syn coll, such as scaffolds and "springs" that support the skin. Once the "spring" is broken, the dermal tissue will collapse and wrinkles will appear; the skin will sag and sag; after the skin is oily, the enlarged pores cannot be recovered due to the decrease in elasticity, and the pores will become thick; free radicals and melanin will be in the Accumulation in the pores and crevices of the skin... The triple helix structure of syn coll acts like a dam in a reservoir, locking the moisture in the skin's water storage layer, making the skin shiny, moisturised and smooth. When the skin's "reservoirs" burst, the skin becomes dry, rough, dull and dull. Dr. Rand, the father of syn coll, asserted: "The process of skin aging is the process of syn coll loss." When women are 20 years old, syn coll has already begun to age, lose, and its content decreases year by year. At the same time, women are affected by physiological factors such as menstruation and fertility. , the amount of syn coll loss is 2.5 times that of men. The fundamental solution is to restore the youthful structure of the skin through oral administration of syn colls.

How to supplement syn coll?

1. Eat pig’s trotters: Pig’s trotters contain syn coll, and 10 pieces a day can supplement the syn coll needed by the skin;

2. Eat bird’s nest: Bird’s nest is rich in syn coll, and can be taken for a long time if conditions permit;

3. Skin care products: Some high-end skin care products contain A small amount of syn coll has a certain effect on the skin;

4. Eat syn coll: the absorption effect is good, the method of taking is simple and effective, and it is currently the favorite beauty method for Asian women.

Syn coll is produced from the skin of cod or salmon grown in the deep sea below 100 meters in Alaska waters. This syn coll is very consistent with the syn coll structure of the human face and can be directly used by the human face. At the same time, it can effectively combine with the human body. The superimposed effect of the syn coll produced by itself keeps the saturation of facial syn coll at the highest value, and the full facial syn coll brings moisture and elasticity to the skin. The smaller the molecular weight of syn coll, the better. Oral syn coll and topical syn coll-containing cosmetics are the more popular ways to supplement syn coll.

When the body absorbs syn coll, molecular weight is a very critical factor. Experts point out that ordinary syn coll has a molecular weight of about 300,000-500,000 due to its large molecular weight, and the most suitable one for human absorption is less than 1000d. Therefore, some cosmetic products containing syn coll have not been decomposed. Due to the large molecular weight, it is difficult to even pass through the surface of the skin, let alone further reach the dermis. Be very careful when choosing. The same is true for oral nutritional products containing syn coll. The better syn coll products on the market all use bio-enzymatic hydrolysis technology to decompose the polymer syn coll that is not easily absorbed by the human body, making it into a small molecular weight, which can be directly absorbed by the human body. Absorbed syn colls for more efficient absorption and utilization. In addition, syn colls must be processed by low-temperature extraction to avoid the destruction of polymer syn coll during the manufacturing process. At present, so-called syn coll foods, beverages and skin care products are popping up all over the place, and most of them advertise the total amount of syn coll in grams. syn coll products absorbed by the human body are the products that can really bring about changes in your skin. It's important to keep this metric in mind when you're choosing an oral syn coll product.