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What is the mechanism and application of acetyl pentapeptide-18?

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Acetyl Pentapeptide-18 has a good skin conditioning effect

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When used in cosmetics, it can penetrate the dermis and increase collagen. It can effectively reshape the skin, delay the aging process of the skin, and maintain the skin's youthful state.

Acetyl Pentapeptide-18 is easily absorbed by the skin, can penetrate into the stratum corneum, improve the synthesis of collagen and elastin, eliminate wrinkles, help thicken and firm the skin, and cooperate with other moisturizing ingredients to make the skin firm and ideal for anti-wrinkle applications choose.

Mechanism of pentapeptide-18:

Acetyl Pentapeptide-18 is a modified enkephalin that can bind to enkephalin receptors outside of nerve cells and release the G protein group (α, β, γ). In this way, the calcium ion channel is closed and the vesicles cannot fuse, resulting in the blocking of the release of acetylcholine and the neuron in a non-excited state. As a result, muscle contraction is weakened, preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Application of leuphasyl:

Acetyl Pentapeptide-18 is a synthetic peptide that can resist muscle contraction and expression lines. It has anti-wrinkle and smooth skin effects. Can be used as. Anti-aging and eye care products.

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Storage method of leuphasyl pentapeptide-18:

Store in a cool, dry, dark place, store at 2~8℃ in the refrigerator, 4℃ is better, it can be stored for 2 years.