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Application of matrine in the prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases

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Main effects of matrine

1. insect resistance

Insect disease is one of the problems often encountered by animal husbandry farmers, affecting the sustainable and healthy development of animal husbandry. Research in recent years has found that the antidine resistance effect is excellent. Matrine also has good safety in insect -resistant. Cosmidine water is used for animal body pesticides and has no toxic side effects on animal body.

2. Health Care Promotion

The alkaloid substances in many herbal medicines have the effect of enhancing immunity and improving the defense barrier. Cosmetic ginseng contains Matrine, which has inhibitory effects on many bacteria, fungi and raw insects. Its bitter taste has the effect of strengthening the stomach, which can enhance appetite. In the production, Matrine has the potential to be used as a new type of feed additive.

3. Antibacterial effect

4. Poultry

At present, Chicken E. coliosis, as a severe bacterial infectious disease, causing rapid chickens and deaths in large quantities, which is greatly harmful to poultry. Matrine has received good results in the prevention and treatment of bacterial infectious diseases.

Data show that bitter extracts are obviously inhibited effect,

The main ingredients in the bitter jams are cantisherine. Matrine can inhibit the synthesis or gene expression of chicken colonbacter protein, and can also be disintegrated with the combination of protein in the bacteria, and this effect is continuous. From the above studies, it can be seen that Bite -alkali is a relatively safe and efficient antibacterial drug. It has a good test foundation and can be widely used.matrine cost -ZHENYIBIO

5. Pig

Adding additives composed of multi -flavored Chinese herbal medicine extracts such as sow feed can effectively prevent the yellow and white diarrhea of the piglets, and significantly reduce the mortality of piglets, and increase the breeding rate and weight of the piglets.

6. Anti -virus effect

Matrine can reduce the cell degeneration and necrosis caused by the virus, and promote cell regeneration and repair. Multi -channel, multi -links, and improving the adverse reactions and symptoms of the body caused by the virus, this is a unique advantage of Bite Cantonine. It can comprehensively improve the immunity of poultry livestock.

Applications of matrine 98

1. Matrine is applied in the field of cosmetics

Cosmetics efficacy: It is used to treat eczema and dermatitis, which has the effect of antibacterial and anti -inflammatory; it has a promotion effect on collagen production, and it also promotes the proliferation of fibroblasts. It can be used as skin anti -aging; at the same time, it has the effect of moisturizing.

Application product: Anti -inflammatory agent antioxidant skin skin conditioning agent

2. Application of Matrine in agriculture

Matrine is made from the root, stems, and leaf fruit of Chinese herbal medicines, and is extracted by organic solvents such as ethanol. They are alkaloids. They are generally cinobia. Alkali, oxide and orchard, locust -oriented, etc., the content of al -alkali and oxidized alkali is the highest.

Matrine is a natural plant pesticide. Once the pest touches this medicine, the paralyzed nerve center is paralyzed, and then the body protein solidifies, blocking the pores of the insect, and suffocation of the pests. The agent has gastrointestinal and tactile effects. In accordance with the direction of agricultural sustainable development, the current domestic Kinoline preparations include 0.3%cantiskine water, 0.8%cantisine lactone water, 1%cantisine solution, 1.1%ingenine solution, 1.1%cinnamon cosmophy Alkaline powder, etc., these plant source agents have been applied to prevent and control some pests such as vegetables, fruit trees, tea, tobacco and other crops to obtain good prevention.

For vegetable thorns, insects, insects, lumper -winged insects, green worms, tea caterpillars, small vegetable moths, as well as tea small green leaf cicada, whitefly, etc., all have ideal prevention effects. In addition, it also has good prevention for vegetable frost mold, epidemic, and anthracnose.