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Centella asiatica extract's effect in cosmetics

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Centella asiatica extract is a typical "healing system" ingredient, a rich source of amino acids, flavonoids, steroids, essential oils and alkaloids. The asiaticoside has an activating effect on scar fibroblasts, which can repair hyperplastic scars and stimulate collagen regeneration. In addition, centella asiatica extract can increase the tensile strength of the skin and reduce the production of stretch marks. Since centella asiatica extract can inhibit hyaluronidase activity and prolong the effect of hyaluronic acid, it can also improve skin hydration and increase skin barrier function when combined with hyaluronic acid.

1. Centella asiatica extract can improve loose skin

The ingredients in Centella asiatica can enter the skin well, and can help stimulate the deep cell renewal of the skin. It can also strengthen the metabolism. Therefore, the use of Centella asiatica can link the epidermis and dermis of the skin. The place becomes much firmer, and it can also make the skin much softer. Not only can it improve the sagging of the skin, it can also help remove all kinds of fine lines and restore the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.madecassic acid price - ZHENYIBIO

2. Madecassic acid can supplement collagen

Centella asiatica can stimulate the collagen in the dermis, so that it can produce collagen. Naturally, it can regenerate the fibrin protein of the skin. It is much easier to re-link the skin. Collagen is abundant and it becomes much whiter and tender.

3. Asiaticoside asiatic improve acne and acne marks

Centella asiatica is suitable for almost all skin types. It has good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It can detoxify and repair skin scars. It can also promote skin wound healing. It also has a certain effect on repairing damaged skin. If you have acne, use it not only to help remove acne, but also to eliminate acne marks.

4. Anti-inflammatory and sedative of centella asiatica extract

Centella asiatica is suitable for various skin types, can heal damaged skin, gradually relieve acne (acne), and increase the resistance of the skin at the same time. It has anti-inflammatory, calming, detoxifying, and swelling effects.CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT supplier - ZHENYIBIO

5. Firm and smooth of asiaticoside extract

Because Centella Asiatica can help the damaged tissues heal, it also has the effect of firming the skin. Consistent use will help resolve sagging skin and make the skin smooth and elastic.

6. Centella asiatica extract enhance immunity

Centella asiatica also enhances immune function to a certain extent. Madecassoside combined with emodin can down-regulate the concentration of inflammatory cytokines in local areas of the kidney, so that the expression level of cancerous cells has been significantly inhibited.

7. Centella asiatica extract repair skin

Asiaticoside can also repair skin scars effectively. It effectively accelerates the production of collagen and plays an important role in supporting the filling of subcutaneous cells.

8. Antioxidant effect of centella asiatica extract

Centella asiatica also has good antioxidant properties, can promote skin metabolism, help accelerate the formation of new cells, and resist free radicals formed by aging.

In addition, the antibacterial activity of Centella Asiatica is not only effective in the body, but can still maintain a high level of performance in the in vitro environment. This means that Centella asiatica extract can prevent bacteria from invading the human body in advance.