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Have a look at piperine efficacy and effects today

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Main functions of pure piperine

The effects and functions of piperine include: prevent cancer, regulate digestion, relieve colds and cough, lose weight, beautify people's skin, and benefit people's teeth.

1. Prevent cancer

The piperine ine in black piperine  has the ability to reduce the risk of cancer. If the piperine  piperine  is mixed with turmeric, the intensity of this effect is twice as much. piperine  also contains many antioxidants to help protect the human body from free radicals.

2. Regulate digestion

Copyline also helps stimulate the stomach to produce more acids to digest protein in food. Copyline also stimulates pancreatic to release digestive enzymes while increasing saliva secretion.

3. Soothing colds and cough

Black piperine contains natural antibacterial ingredients, which helps to reduce the symptoms of cough and cold. A spoonful of honey and black piperine  is an ideal family therapy for cough.

4. Losing weight

piperine contains plant nutrients and can accelerate metabolism by decomposing fat. Studies also show that piperine ine can also prevent the production of new fat cells. This makes weight loss easier.

5. Beautiful people's skin

Drink piperine to exfoliate. However, be careful not to wipe the piperine  directly on the skin. Instead, mix the piperine  with exfoliating to improve the blood circulation and supplement the skin to the skin.

6. It is good for people's teeth

Copyline can help reduce inflammation of gum tissue and prevent osteoarthritis. Studies have also shown that piperine ine may help resist the peripheral diseases. You can eat piperine , or mix piperine  and mix with coconut oil on the swollen gums.piperine benefits -ZHENYIBIO

Pharmacological role of black pepper piperine

1. Anti -rigid effects of piperine have a confrontational effect on various experimental epilepsy animal models. Abdominal injection has a significant confrontation for tetrazole rats, rats, and hearing sources; the maximum electric shock for mice; Seizure, pentarazolizomaz, and mice in injection of sea people in the brain to form alginic acid to form temporal lobe epilepsy, but the rigidity stigma caused by scholars, 3-cymbal propionic acid, lotus piping peony and excitement amino acid Culinary convulsions have no obvious confrontation. Its mechanism is related to promoting 5-HT synthesis in the brain. The derivatives of piperine ine 3,4-dichlinerocyl-lycoprotoxine abdominal injection to the maximum electrical shock of rats and mice, the acoustic seizure of rats, zinc sulfate, and pentarazole rats, and rust Chronic experimental epilepsy models caused by domestic rabbits also have a strong confrontation.

2. A antidepressant injection of the abdominal cavity 3,4-dichlorophyl acrylidine, which can significantly shorten the forced swimming time of mice and rats; time. Continuous abdominal injection can significantly shorten the maximum continuous state time caused by electrical stimulation of the cornea of the mouse, and improve the body temperature decreased by the mice caused by the blood level.

3. The sedative effect of piperine  abdominal injection can significantly inhibit the autonomous activity of mice, and can cooperate with the central inhibitory effect of sulfur spray sodium. Extend the natal sodium to induce mice to sleep, significantly extend the deep sleep time of the rabbit, and increase the number of deep sleep. 3,4-dichlorophyl acrocyl-amine abdominal injection has a inhibitory effect on the avoidance reaction of mouse conditions. The turntable method proves that it has obvious sedative effects and can enhance the central inhibitory effect of sulfur spray sodium.

4. Analgesic and anti -inflammatory effects: White piperine  water decoction has a significant inhibitory effect on mice caused by alcoholic acid potassium and hot plate stimulation. The abdominal cavity injection of 3,4-dichlorobyrene amine has a weak analgesic effect and can strengthen the analgesic effect of morphine. piperine  -piperine ine has inhibitory effects on rats, such as corner fork -gel, such as corner fork -gel, cotton ball granuloma and Patson granuloma.

5. The effect on the smooth muscle piperine  decoction has a significant inhibitory effect on the gastric stomach empty. There is a tendency to inhibit the spontaneous contraction activity of home rabbits. Orange -yellow piperine  alcohol extract has the effect of shrinking the uterus and excitement.

6. The olive oil of the liver -sap -keeping effect of the piperine suspension abdominal injection can reduce the formation of MDA formation caused by the formation of CCL 4 and the hydrogen perfunctional abdominal injection of G. Black piperine  can induce glutathione-S-metastases, cytochrome B 5, P450 to regulate the detoxification function of the liver.

7. Anti -cancer effect of black piperine extract can significantly extend the time of survival time of Eli ascites mice. Experiments have proved that black piperine  has a inhibitory effect on colon cancer caused by 1,2-two-meta. Oral piperine ine can significantly reduce the lipid peroxidation level of lung cancer mice induced by benzene and pyroma, and the content of nucleotide and polyamine synthesis. Its inhibitory mechanism is to protect protein damage and inhibit cell proliferation. In terms of melanoma cell model, piperine ine can effectively inhibit gene expression of AT F-2, NF-Kappab, and inflammatory cytokine.

8. Antioxidant piperine can inhibit the oxidation products induced by carcinogenic substances on the intestinal mucosa, increasing the activity of glutathione (GSH) and NA*, K+-ATP enzymes. In vitro test shows that piperine ine is a free radical cleaner at low concentration, but it can increase the hydroxyl group at high concentration. When its MIC value is 1.82mmol/L, it is a super oxide cleaner with a strong effect. In PCI, on the cell model, piperine ine can significantly reduce MPP -induced nuclear injury, mitochondrial membrane permeability changes, activated oxygen formation, and GSH exhaustion, and its effect is dose -dependent. 9. Other effects Anti -epilepsy is a kind of antiepile epilepsy that simplifies the piperine  structure. The abdominal injection has a confrontation with arrhythmia caused by chloroform. It has no effect on the blood pressure and electrocardiogram of the rabbit. Rats that feed piperine  daily can see the increase in bile flow and the bile concentration decreases. The water and alcohol extract of piperine  have the effect of killing pests, and the piperine ideamide has insecticidal effects on dog bowls. The normal population contains 0.1g of piperine , which can cause blood pressure to rise.

Other effects of bioperine piperine

1. Antioxidant

Enhance the activity of antioxidant enzymes and inhibit lipid peroxide accumulation.

2. Anti -inflammation

Inhibit inflammatory factors, maintain immune balance, and prevent T cells from excessive differentiation.

3. Anti -depression

Adjust the level of neurosroofs and enhance neural regeneration and cell protective capabilities.

4. Anti -tumor

Regulate the cell growth cycle, inhibit the invasion, metastasis and blood vessels.

5. Improve metabolic syndrome

Prevent or improve hepatogenic fat degeneration and insulin resistance.

6. Anti -heat and analgesics

It is equivalent to the effect of inductive pain.

7. Protect the skeletal muscle system

Promote the differentiation of osteosocytes and promote osteopalation.