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Heparin sodium's features and applications

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Features of heparin sodium

1. Anti-coagulation promotes blood circulation: heparin sodium has good anticoagulant and promotes blood circulation, promotes skin and scalp blood circulation, dark circles, eye bags, skin dull, frostbite, sputum, have a good fight effect And can promote the absorption of active products;

2. Repairing the permeability of reinforced skin vessels: heparin sodium can treat skin-shallow vermicitis, inhibit local oozing, repair capillaries, treat red blood, and philosoprotection;

3. Inhibition of inflammation: Heparin sodium has better anti-inflammatory activity, there is a certain therapeutic effect on local edema, hematoma, eczema, ulcer; there is a positive treatment of hormone dependence and red blood wire;

4. Anti-aging dimensions: heparin sodium energy inhibits the loss of skin-viscous polysaccharides, promotes metabolism, delays the body aging, and inhibits pigment deposition due to decrease in metabolism.SODIUM HEPARIN powder - ZHENYIBIO

Application of heparin sodium

Heparin sodium is used in eye and face products to promote local blood circulation. Eye care: dark circles, can promote the absorption of other nutrients.

Facial care: red blood, hormone dependent dermatitis repair, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle products.

Heparin sodium recommended adding ratio

1. Eye products: 0.1-0.5%

2. Red blood products: 0.1-0.3%

3. Anti-aging, spotted products: 0.05-0.3%

4. Damage (red swelling) skin repair: 0.1-0.3%

Formula tips of heparin sodium

1. Heparin sodium is soluble in water, easy to add; add in the aqueous phase, adding at the final stage of the formulation, temperature below 40 ° C;

2. When the pH is 7.0-7.5, the stability of heparin sodium is the best;

3. Light and antioxidant Vc has no significant effect on its stability;

4. Oxidatives and strong electrolytes have a great influence on the stability of heparin sodium;

5. Heparin sodium is an anionic polysaccharide, and it is not compatible with cationic components.