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How does octocrylene help skin?

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What is octocrylene?

Octocrylene may sound otherworldly, but it is a skin care ingredient that you may use every day without knowing it-if you actually apply sunscreen every day, we strongly recommend you to do so. It is a chemical sunscreen ingredient, not only because it has the ability to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, but also because it can further improve the stability and efficacy of other chemical sunscreen ingredients, so it is very popular.

Octocrylene is a chemical sunscreen ingredient, once absorbed by the skin, it captures harmful ultraviolet rays before they damage the underlying skin cells," Lain explained. Sunscreens are generally divided into two categories. The physical formula relies on minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which work by sticking to the skin and reflecting light. The other relies on chemicals that act once absorbed by the skin (Octolide is just one of them).Octocrylene price-ZHENYIBIO

The benefits of octocrelin for the skin

Prevent UVA rays: Octocrylene provides protection against UVA rays, which are the cause of signs of aging.

It can also resist UVB rays: Although some chemical sunscreen active substances can only resist one type of ultraviolet light, octocrelin can resist UVA and shorter UVB rays (those responsible for burning).

Synergistic effect with other skin protection ingredients: Octocrylene has been approved by the FDA with a concentration of up to 10%; this by itself does not provide sufficient protection, so it is always used in combination with other chemical sunscreen ingredients, all of which have their own upper percentage limits

Helps prevent skin cancer: As mentioned above, it absorbs UVB rays and shorter UVA rays, which are the cause of skin cancer.

Stable chemical sunscreen ingredients: Octocrylene is unique among similar products, it can ensure the stability and efficacy of other chemical sunscreen ingredients (especially avobenzone). "Octocrylene is very light fast and only loses about 10% of its SPF protection after 95 minutes,". "It does not decompose or change its molecular structure in the presence of ultraviolet rays like some other sunscreen ingredients." (Obviously, the last thing you want is sunscreen ingredients, which lose their activity and stop working when exposed to the sun.) This is the same as In sharp contrast, Avobenzone is a broad UVA blocker that can be decomposed within 30 minutes of sun exposure.

Increase the water resistance of sunscreen: Octocrylene can also help improve the water resistance of sunscreen.

Helps fight the signs of aging: Because it protects the skin from the elements, octocrelin helps protect the skin from wrinkles and sunburn caused by the sun.

Prevent skin damage: due to its UVA protection, octopine can protect the skin from sun damage.