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Molecular Formula: C24H27NO2
Molecular Weight: 361.48
Appearance: Viscous light yellow clear oily liquid
Purity: 95.0%~105.0%
CAS NO.: 6197-30-4
EINECS No.: 228-250-8

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Octocrylene is a transparent colorless oily liquid.In cosmetics and personal care products,Octocrylene is used to formulate sunscreen products as well as skin and nail care products.When applied to the skin,it absorbs ultraviolet rays.Sunburn and ultraviolet radiation are an important cause of premature skin aging and contribute to the development of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.Octocrylene can also be used to protect cosmetics and personal care products from deterioration due to UV absorption.

Octocrylene is a relatively new sunscreen isolation ingredient, which is attributed to water -soluble chemical sunscreens. It can digest and absorb UVA and UVB in the UVA in the UV light in 250 to 360. Only a part of the defense, so it cannot be used in sunscreen independently. It is often applied with other sunscreen isolation agents to achieve higher SPF ultraviolet indexs, but Octocrylene exposes the exposure of the sun will release oxygen free radicals. It is recommended to apply such ingredients The sunscreen products used to be applied with VC antioxidants. The chemical sunscreen with relatively safe relatively safe skin has low stimulation. The maximum increase in policy and regulations in China and its EU countries is 10%.