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Sodium heparin's effects

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heparan sulfate sodium salt - ZHENYIBIO Applying in the skin care products, there is an increase in blood vessel permeability, improve local blood circulation, 眼, black eye circle, anti-inflammatory, delaying skin aging.

Heparin sodium, is an acidic viscous polysaccharide, a hot spot in the cosmetic raw materials in recent years. It can be added to cosmetics such as nutritious cream, eye cream, picking acne products and hair growth.

Performance and application of heparin sodium

1. Increase the blood vessel permeability of the skinheparan sulfate sodium salt - ZHENYIBIO

2. Improve the role of local vascular cycles

3. Promote the supply of skin nutrition and the excretion of the metabolic waste

4. Effects of good health and conservation for the skin

Heparin sodium has the following effects

Increase the blood vessel permeability of the skin;

Improve microcirculation;

Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic;

Promote the supply of skin nutrition and the excretion of the metabolic waste;

Good health care and maintenance of the skin.

It can be seen that the repair function of heparin sodium is the most important.

The role of heparin sodium on the skin is mainly itching, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, improving microcirculation, promoting metabolism, but when using such drugs, it is necessary to use under the guidance of doctors to avoid adverse reactions.

1. Itch: heparin sodium has a good protective effect on vascular endothelial cells, and it can prevent platelet adhesion, there is an obvious effect of itching;

2. Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic: heparin sodium has an anti-inflammatory, anti-complement biological activity, and inactivating antimostrial, 5-hydroxylamine and other inflammatory mediators to act. In addition, heparin sodium has a certain role in the speed and delay of allergic reactions;

3. Improve microcirculation: sodium percutaneous absorption of heparin, can prevent inflammatory cells from infiltrating around the blood vessels, thereby playing the role of local microcirculation, at this time, there can be accelerated partial skin to swell, pain relief, so that local skin redness, knot Festival can dissipate faster;

4. Promote metabolism: heparin sodium can promote blood circulation, increase the blood supply of ischemic tissue, thereby promoting nutrient supply and waste excretion, great role in the new metabolism of the skin;

5. Other roles: Heparin sodium contains keratin softening and moisturizing ingredients, can soften the local skin, so that local skin has a moisturizing and moisturizing effect, and can promote cell proliferation and promote the healing of the superficial wound. Heparin sodium can also treat frostbite, cold polymorphous erythema, dry skin, moss, chronic eczema, etc.