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Syn coll benefits skin whitening

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What is syn coll?

Syn coll is a kind of repairing syn coll, which mainly locks the moisture of the skin, enhances the elasticity of the skin, prevents skin aging, dryness and relaxation, whitens the skin and delays aging. Syn colls can also promote the synthesis of syn coll in the body, which can prevent osteoporosis and enhance the flexibility of bones. Syn colls can inhibit the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme, enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, and help lower blood pressure and blood lipids. It is more suitable for some people with irregular life and rest, staying up late and getting angry, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, and high blood lipids.

All the material forms of life in nature are composed of proteins. Protein is the core substance of life and participates in all life activities. Without protein, there would be no life. All living things, from the simplest viruses to the most advanced human beings, all have the same 20 kinds of amino acids in their ever-changing proteins. These 20 kinds of amino acids also constitute the protein world with different expressions. When one amino acid is linked to another by peptide bonds, the resulting compound is called a peptide. Peptides containing less than 10 amino acids are called oligopeptides, and more than 10 are called polypeptides. One or more polypeptide chains make up a protein. A protein molecule usually contains more than 50 amino acids.SYN-COLL manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

Syn colls can penetrate into the stratum corneum and dermis more effectively, prolong the life of skin cells, inhibit lipid peroxidation of cell membranes, resist the attack of oxidative free radicals on DNA, inhibit the activity of tyrosine, improve skin immunity, and improve skin Water retention capacity, promote syn coll synthesis and dermal cell hyaluronic acid synthesis and other functions.

Syn coll protein characteristics

Syn coll is a large molecule and is not easily absorbed by the skin. syn coll is insoluble, but syn coll hydrolyzed under the action of acid, alkali, heat and enzyme will produce syn coll hydrolyzate (peptide). They have very similar amino acid composition and content. Due to the disintegration of macromolecules and the reduction of molecular weight, Their solubility increases with it and they are soluble in cold water. It is precisely because the molecular weight is greatly reduced and the water solubility is sharply increased that the hydrolyzate is easily absorbed and utilized by the human skin. Compared with macromolecular syn coll, hydrolyzate is a more ideal source of syn coll supplement. The human body absorbs syn coll hydrolyzate, supplements and repairs abnormal syn coll, makes it play normal hydrolyzate, supplements and repairs abnormal syn coll, and makes it nearly normal. function, the human body will restore the abnormal syn coll, so that it can play its normal function, and the human body will return to health. These syn coll hydrolyzates have a special name, syn colls. The absorption of syn colls is the key to improving skin elasticity and eliminating wrinkles.

After the syn coll is fully absorbed and utilized by the human body, it will synthesize skin syn coll and play a certain cosmetic role; the hydrophilicity of syn coll is very good, which can provide the skin with many whitening, moisturizing and nourishing effects, thereby improving skin quality, the purpose of beauty.

Due to the properties of syn colls, the skin after syn coll treatment can be improved and nourished for a long time, and can maintain the best effect for 5-10 years.

Syn colls can be actively and barrier-free absorption by the human body, without digestion, and can be fully utilized by body tissues. In addition, the average molecular weight of marine syn colls is smaller, and even consists of only 2-4 amino acids, which is far smaller than ordinary peptides.