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The five effects of 6-gingerol

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Ginger Extract is suitable for cholelithiasis, choleramia, adenopathy, measles, chronic enteritis, rheumatism, gout, stomach, stomach, pregnant women, etc. With the inhibitory tumor, appetizing and spleen, heatstroke and cooling, sterilization, anti-sex, migraine, eliminating drunkenness, alleviating facial acne, prevention and treatment of dandruff, relieving back shoulder pain, etc.

Ginger extract gingerol promote the digestive

Scholar studies have found that Ginger Extract can significantly increase the secretion of saliva, enhance the amylase activity; the Ginger Extract extract can significantly increase the mouse minus digestive enzyme activity, especially sugar and oligomeric The cleavage activity of sugar has a significant enhancement, thereby promoting digestive function, and other Ginger Extract has protected the stimulation and chemical damage of gastric mucosa.gingerol in ginger - ZHENYIBIO

Pure ginger extract improve blood circulation

Experimental studies have shown that Ginger Extract ethanol extract can significantly improve the quality of blood lipids in experimental rabbits, and reduce atherosclerosis changes. The Ginger Extract alcohol extract can also significantly inhibit the concentration of thrombocytopenine induced by diphosphate, and delay blood solidification. The Ginger Extract extract prevents the lipoprotein to immerse the arterial wall, improve the vascular structure, to adjust the transformation of cholesterol, promote high-density lipoprotein transport function, promoting the function of cholecystein cholesterol, is an atherosclerotic inhibitor having development prospects.

Ginger extract relieves precursor irritation

Mitigate the prevocal predictor stimuli can cause halo sickness, showing nausea, vomiting, systemic, such as haraasting, etc. Studies have found that Ginger Extract powder has a good prevention function, delays the gastrointestinal reaction, improve the subjective feelings; the study found that Ginger Extract and East alkali have similar olevanic effects, and strong effect. In addition, Ginger Extract has a vomiting effect, can relieve the vomiting symptoms after chemotherapy in tumor patients, chewing fresh Ginger Extract sheets with Western medicine to treat vomiting, this law also has a relief, prevent oral ulcer, and simple and easy ,Safe and reliable.

Anti-inflammatory antibacterial effect of 6-gingerol

Zeng Gaofeng et al. Obtained that Ginger Extract extract can reduce NF-κB and 1L-1β expression in the brain of AD rats when high dose, that is, Ginger Extract extract can reduce inflammatory response during high doses. Zhang Yunling et al. To inhibit Helicobacter pylori (HP).

Antioma effect and antioxidant activity of gingerol in ginger

The Ginger Extract alcoholic matter has anti-tumor effects as a therapeutic drug for lung adenocarcinoma, which may be related to its antioxidant and removal of free radicals. The scientific research on the role of lifelong anti-oxidation is the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1970s, Hirosue was found to have a strong antioxidant effect. The four oxygen free radical production systems were used. It is an efficient antioxidant.