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The introduction of leuphasyl pentapeptide-18

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Pentpeptide-18 / leuphasyl is a new wrinkle polypeptide. In vitro to simulate the natural cerebral peptide mechanism: in both neurinellops, binding to cerebral peptide receptor, bonding and receptor, conformational change to initiate neur cells, resulting in a decrease in excitability: neural cell activity "Down-regulated" and acetylcholine release is adjusted, and the muscle contraction will slow down, thus reducing wrinkles.

Mechanism of pentpeptide-18 / leuphasyl

Pentpeptide-18 is a modified cerebral peptide that can be bonded in nerve extracellular and cerebral peptide receptor, and the G protein group (α, β, γ) can be released. Such calcium ion channels are closed, and the vesicles cannot be fused, resulting in acetylcholine release, and neurons are in a non-excited state. Therefore, the muscle contraction is weakened, and fine lines and wrinkles are prevented.

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Gravity wrinkles are mainly due to subcutaneous fat, muscle and skeleton atrophy, and after skin aging, plus the long-term effects of earth gravity and gravity. However, some people are divided into physiological wrinkles, pathological wrinkles and illuminated wrinkles and aging wrinkles, and so on.

Pentpeptide-18 anti-wrinkle and smooth skin

Pentpeptide-18 is a synthetic polypeptide that enables anti-wrinkle and smooth skin against muscle contraction. can be use on anti-aging and eye care products.

Pentpeptide-18 has a good condition of conditioning the skin, is applied to cosmetics, which can penetrate the leather layer, increase collagen, can effectively reshape the skin, delay the skin aging process, maintain your skin.