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The role of syn coll peptide in skin care

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Syn coll action

Syn coll is the most important extracellular water-insoluble fibrin, and it is the skeleton that constitutes the extracellular matrix. Provides tension and elasticity to cells, and plays a role in cell migration and development.

Syn coll is the most abundant and widely distributed protein in the human body. It is rich in diversity and specificity of tissue distribution. Therefore, the normal functioning of many tissues and organs is directly related to syn coll.

1. Bodybuilding skin

Syn coll is the main component to maintain skin and muscle elasticity. It forms a tight elastic network in the skin, locks in moisture, supports the skin like a scaffold, and makes the skin full of elasticity, moisturizing, delicate and smooth. However, with the increase of age, the loss of syn coll accelerates, resulting in severe aging of the skin. syn coll can accelerate the growth of dermal cells, resist oxidation, activate epidermal cells, maintain skin elasticity and firmness, prevent wrinkles, and make skin healthy and bright. Delicate and transparent.

Because syn coll has excellent compatibility with the human body, supplementing syn coll can make the skin young and healthy, so syn coll has the functions of pure natural moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, freckle, acne, dark circles, eye bags and so on.benoquin monobenzone - ZHENYIBIO

(1) Moisturizing: syn coll is rich in hydrophilic moisturizing factors, which can lock in moisture and preserve the skin. It has a good moisturizing effect, reduces oil secretion, and maintains skin moisturization.

(2) Anti-wrinkle: syn coll has excellent compatibility with the skin, can be completely absorbed by the skin, filled between the skin matrix layers, so that the skin is plump, wrinkles are stretched, the skin density is increased, tension is generated, and elasticity is increased.

(3) Repair: syn coll has a unique repair function, and the affinity between syn coll and surrounding tissues is good, and it has the effect of repairing tissues.

(4) Gives skin elasticity: syn coll makes the skin plump and elastic, lubricates the stratum corneum, stimulates skin microcirculation, promotes metabolism, and makes the skin with loose structure compact, smooth and shiny. Such as anti-wrinkle, remove dark circles, eye bags and so on.

2. Hair and nail polish

Syn coll located in the dermis is the nutrient supply station for the epidermis and epidermal appendages (hair and nails), and it mainly controls the thickness, elasticity and moisture of the hair.

Hair is quite sensitive to high heat or alkaline substances. People often blow, perm, and dye their hair for beauty salons or work, which will damage the syn coll in the hair, resulting in bifurcation, breakage and even hair loss. Therefore, supplement syn coll in a timely manner. Protein can provide enough nutrients for the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp to regenerate and nourish the hair, making the damaged hair soft and shiny. At the same time, syn coll has moisturizing properties, which makes the hair full of elasticity. Nails are the barometer of human health, normal nails should be rosy, tough and curved, smooth and shiny. Nails also need careful care. Regular supplementation of syn coll will make the nails healthy and shiny, and increase the toughness of the nails.

3. Bones

Bone tissue is composed of 1/3 organic matter and 2/3 inorganic matter. The inorganic matter of bone is mainly bone salt, of which 95% is solid calcium. The loss of calcium leads to osteoporosis. syn coll is an efficient carrier of calcium, binding calcium to bone cells. Its mesh structure is important for maintaining the integrity of bone structure (preventing osteoporosis) and bone biomechanical properties (maintaining bone marrow flexibility). When the human body lacks syn coll, it is not easy to fix calcium, resulting in calcium loss that affects bone density and causes osteoporosis. Therefore, proper supplementation of the body's natural loss of syn coll can help prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis or the healing of injured parts.

70%-80% of the organic matter in bones is syn coll. When bone is formed, sufficient syn coll fibers must first be synthesized to form the "framework" of the bone. For this reason, some call syn coll "the bone of bones."

4. Protect joints and tendons

The cartilage in tendons and joints enables the body to move freely, and their main component is syn coll. Therefore, supplementing syn coll keeps the muscles and bones soft and elastic, strengthens their lubrication during sports friction, reduces the incidence of arthritis, and avoids joint degeneration.

Clinical studies have shown that daily intake of 10 grams of syn colls can reduce pain in patients with knee or hip osteoarthritis, and increase the concentration of hydroxyproline in the blood.

5. Improve sleep quality syn coll can improve anxiety, insomnia, and treat neurasthenia. Dr. John Norris's experimental report shows that syn coll has a good effect on sleep. According to the China Food Report, medical scientists have found that syn coll also has a significant effect on the treatment of neurasthenia.

6. Breast enhancement

Breasts are mainly composed of connective tissue and adipose tissue, and tall and plump breasts rely on the support of connective tissue. syn coll is the main component of connective tissue, and the mesh structure intertwined with glycoproteins produces a certain mechanical strength, supports the curve of the human body, and reflects a tall and straight posture.

7. Weight loss and fitness

Losing weight requires burning fat (catabolism), and syn coll can increase and prolong the catabolism process, and the repairing function of cells will also consume a lot of heat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. The repair function is only carried out in the sleep state, and the effect of drinking water before going to bed is mild and lasting. (As quoted, the fat burning rate is increased by about 60% in a deep sleep without eating).

8. Promotes muscle formation

Syn coll For adolescents in the growing stage, supplementing syn coll can promote the secretion of growth hormone and promote muscle growth. And for adults who want to stay in shape, building strong and toned muscles also requires syn coll supplementation.

9. Improve human immunity and strengthen visceral function

The level of human immunity is related to the biological molecules of immunoglobulin. After the immune cells are combined with syn coll, the immune system of the human body can increase the immunity by more than 100 times and fight against foreign bodies.

Syn coll is an important source of nutrition and is rich in amino acids. Regular supplementation can help strengthen the functions of various tissues and organs and improve human immunity. Such as increasing cell proliferation, strengthening visceral function to protect the liver, promoting insulin secretion, promoting milk secretion, improving constipation, suppressing.