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What does madecassoside do for skin

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The active ingredients in the Centellae asiatic centella are mainly treated with Madecassoside, and there is a history of thousands of years in the role of Madecassoside, and the role of wound healing. Modern studies have shown that the Centellae asiatic centella extracts Madecassoside have the effect of promoting skin fibroblast growth, promoting skin collagen synthesis, inhibiting inflammation, and inhibits matrix metalloproteinase activity. Therefore, the snow grass is damaged to the skin, slowing down the skin ulceration, fixing, promoting aging skin freshmen, remove stretch marks and other effects.madecassoside fluid - ZHENYIBIO

Centellae asiatic centella have been widely used in skin care products for skin external drugs and various effects. Asiaticoside (AD) and Madecassoside (MD) is the main component of Centellae asiatic centella. Currently, it is used in clinical treatment of surgical, burns, trauma and scars. It is a natural plant active ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific research demonstrates that the active ingredient of the Centellae asiatic centella can stimulate the formation of type I and III collagen and recombinant extracellular matrix. The snow extract is a popular raw material for various cosmetics, and is also one of the most popular functional daily rice products.

Active ingredient, efficacy and application of infrastructure, efficacy and application

Centellae asiatic centella

Efficacy: With anti-inflammatory, soothing, acne, treatment of acne, scar repair, anti-irritating resistance.

Application: Treatment of acne, acne; improve sensitive skin, rehabilitation care; anti-wrinkle, anti-aging; regulate inflammation, regulate the horny.


Efficacy: Adjusting the update and differentiation of epithelial stability, balance keratinocytes, leather extracellular matrix recombination, promotes the synthesis of type I and II collagen.

Application: Improve sensitive skin, can be used for skin repair, promoting wound healing, scar repair. Good anti-wrinkle performance


Efficacy: It has the repair of skin wound healing and cure skin damage, repairing skin aging and enhancing skin elasticity due to inflammation accumulation, moisturizing, soothing.

Application: antibacterial, whitening. Can be used for care products and whitening products,Improve microcirculation, reduce and prevent stretch marks, anti-aging.