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What effects does sericin have?

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"Sericin" is a high molecular natural protein with a molecular weight of more than 300,000. The research results show that silk has skin affinity, and the sericin that protects the silk thread is composed of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) in the stratum corneum of human skin. The ingredients are similar.

Sericin also has the following functions:

Antioxidant activity, inhibits tyrosine to inhibit melanin formation, activates skin cells, promotes skin regeneration, anti-tumor and anti-aging, promotes gastrointestinal digestion and skin care and beauty.

In the production of raw silk, most of the sericin is removed from the cocoon silk by cooking and refining. The ratio of sericin to silk fibroin in the cocoon silk is 1:3.

Sericin has the functions of whitening, moisturizing, anti-oxidation, and promoting collagen regeneration.

The molecular conformation of sericin is mainly random coil, and the molecular spatial structure is loose and disordered. There are many amino acids with long side chains on the sericin chain, such as arginine, lysine, glutamic acid, methionine, chromophore, etc. Amino acid, lysine, etc., as well as many hydrophilic groups (-OH, COOH, -NH2, >NH), these structural features endow sericin with excellent moisture-regulating and moisturizing effects.Sericin price -ZHENYIBIO

Studies have confirmed that sericin peptide and sericin hydrolyzate can inhibit the activity of tyrosine, and the concentration of 0.5% or more has the ability to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and tyrosinase is an intrinsic part of skin darkening under sunlight. Acting enzyme, when using cosmetics containing sericin, it can inhibit the production of melanin, keep the skin white and have a whitening effect.

In addition, the ability of sericin or its hydrolyzate to inhibit fat peroxidation is comparable to that of VC. The antioxidant effect of sericin is not deactivated by heating. Therefore, sericin can be used as a natural antioxidant in medicine, cosmetics, food, and food additives.

Sericin and its hydrolyzates can prevent cell aging and promote collagen production.

The amino acid composition of sericin is similar to that of silk fibroin, consisting of 18 kinds of amino acids. Under the action of acid, alkali, salt and enzyme, sericin can be hydrolyzed into sericin peptide or amino acid with smaller molecular weight.

1. High moisturizing and anti-wrinkle

When fine lines appear on the face, most of the reasons are due to dryness. Silk protein not only has strong penetration and good absorption, but also has the effect of regulating humidity, which can keep the skin adequately hydrated, and can also discharge excess water from the body in time to achieve heat dissipation.

2. Anti-ultraviolet, whitening

Silk was originally used to protect silkworms from external damage, so it naturally has the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays. The main ingredient used to fight UV rays is "sericin". Sericin can block about 90% of UV rays to achieve 1. Block UV damage and inhibit black production 2. Inhibit the effect of tyrosinase and reduce melanin production 3. Promote metabolism and metabolize precipitated melanin

3. Anti-aging

As mentioned above, silk protein has the effect of resisting UV damage, and the damage of UV damage is not only to increase the melanin deposition of the skin, but also to accelerate skin aging!! 80% of the causes of skin aging are from UV damage. "Photoaging"! Therefore, as long as UV damage is prevented, it can whiten and help anti-aging. In addition, silk protein also has the effect of promoting the metabolism of skin cells, so it can not only accelerate the metabolism of old dead skin cells, but also promote detoxification and develop health. White and tender, restore baby-like skin!

4. Hair care, soft and bright hair Silk protein is composed of a variety of amino acids, and amino acids are not only the components of human skin and muscles, but also the raw materials of hair. And silk protein has good hydrophilicity. When added to shampoo, conditioner, and hair care products, it can repair the damaged part of the hair, add enough nutrients, clean and protect the scalp from bacteria, and restore it. The sheen of hair.

5. Eyelash extensions

The last function is to use it as false eyelashes! Girls who are paying attention to eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions must know that fibroin fiber is also a common type of eyelash extensions.

The best anti-melanin effect is deoxyarbutin. Its whitening potency is 10 times that of hydroquinone, 38.5 times that of alpha-arbutin, and 350 times that of beta-arbutin. The whitening effect can still be maintained after stopping use. About 8 weeks, and its safety is more than 4 times that of hydroquinone. At present, cosmetics with deoxyarbutin as a whitening functional factor have been listed in the United States, Taiwan, China and other places, and the recommended amount of addition in cosmetics is 0.1%-3.0%.