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What is lumixyl used for?

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What is lumixyl?

Lumixyl was developed by researchers at Stanford University Dermatology Department. It is currently the only new type of peptide that can effectively suppress the active of linase enzymes (tyrosinase to promote melanin, which leads to uneven pigment and dark spots. Hydroquinone (HQ), also known as phenylphenol (C_6H_6O_2), is one of the main metabolites of benzene, which plays an important role in the toxic effect of benzene. Hydrogen is used to treat pigment skin diseases clinically, and pigmented after inflammation. By inhibiting the converting tyrosine to 3.4-enzyme oxidation effects of diopylalanine (dock), inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase in the skin tissue, thereby blocking the formation of melanin. We know that the melanocytes contain tyrosinase in small melanin, which can convert tyrosinic acid into melanin. When the melanin is filled with melanin, it becomes melanin granule.

Lumixyl is a cosmetics raw material that suppresses melanin formation, lighten pigmentation, reduce pigmentation, and bright white skin tone. It is developed by researchers from Stanford University Dermatology. Pinase (tyrosinase promotes excessive melanin, which leads to new peptides activity in activity) activity.

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The skin is white and does not depend on the ability of melanocyte synthesis. In the human epidermal base cells, melanocytes are distributed. It contains tyrosinase to oxidize tyrosine into polysaccharides. In the middle, it goes through a series of metabolic processes, and finally melanin can be generated. The more melanin is generated, the darker the skin is; otherwise, the white the skin is.Lumixyl

Tyinase has a unique dual catalytic function and is a key enzyme for melanin synthesis in the organism, which is closely related to human aging. Its abnormal expression can lead to the pigmentation of the human body. Tyinase inhibitors can treat current common pigmentation skin diseases such as freckles, melasma, and old spots. Cydine, vitamin C derivatives, vitamin C derivatives, curv acid and derivatives, green tea extracts, licorice extracts such as vitamin C derivatives, vitamin C derivatives, vitamin C derivatives, vitamin C derivatives, etc. The activity of aminase to inhibit melanin synthesis, and then play a whitening effect.

Lumixyl tenptides-12 can inhibit tyrosine synthesis, thereby effectively (40%) reduced the production of melanin. Maximum diluted melasma, freckles, elderly spots, sun spots, uneven skin tone and light damage caused by excessive deposits of pigmentation. And Lumixyl Ten Peptide-12 does not have other whitening ingredients such as hydrogen toxicity and side effects such as allergies, stimulation and redness.

How is melasma formed?

Llazed plaque is caused by excess melanin. Brown like coffee like coffee. Therefore, the chloasma produced may look brown or gray.

Many stimuli may cause melanin, the most significant of which is the "stress source", such as pollution and pressure. But the biggest culprit is ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays will cause a "atomic bomb -level" damage on your skin, such as a series of reactions that stimulate melanin production.

How to remove melasma?

Without considering medical beauty, there are three ways you can consider:

Option 1: Remove chloaste by exfoliation

Remove the maximum cells (epidermis) at the top layer of the skin. You can choose a physical exfoliating, that is, using frosted or micro -crystal grinding. You can also use chemical methods, such as alcohol, fruit acid and salicylic acid. I am more like the latter, because these ingredients have other benefits to the skin.

For example, using A alcohol can prevent the loss of collagen. Fruit acid has a moisturizing function. The higher the concentration of alcohol or fruit acid, the stronger the exfoliating ability. A alcohol is better in the range of 0.025-2.0%.

For most skin, 0.5%is a relatively suitable treatment for melasma (generally not recommended daily), which can be properly made 1-3 times a week (see skin texture). The content of non -prescription fruit acid can be as high as 20%, the lowest is about 5%. The concentration of 15%can also be used for occasional daily exfoliating demand

Although melanocytes are in the base layer, cells with high melanin content will slowly push to the epidermis layer over time, and use exfoliating to accelerate the skin surface cells to fall off, thereby accelerating the falling of these "black" cells.

Option 2: Eliminate the existing melanin

The second thing you can do is to use the effective ingredients that can be confirmed to disintegrate the existing melanin in the skin. What are you?

VC, or phenylphenol (also known as hydrogen). Interestingly, VC and phenylphenol can also prevent melanin production. Relatively speaking, VC is more milder and not so many side effects, but in a comparative study, piphenols are more effective in treating pigmentation than VC. Please choose on demand.

Option 3: Du Xian removed the micro, inhibit the formation of melanin

The so -called treatment is worse than prevention. It is recommended to add ingredients that have been proven to inhibit melanin production in daily skin care, such as curvic acid, peptide lumixyl, phenyl diol derivatives, VC, and so on. These ingredients take an important route: inhibiting tyrosine to play a role.

Tyinase is an indispensable enzyme in the process of melanin. When it is suppressed, the output of melanin will decrease or even generate. Of course, you can inhibit tyrosinase in different ways: curvic acid to inhibit the activity of children's catechol, and the cytotoxicity of melanocytes (even causes cell death) to induce melanocytes, but the ultimate effect is the same.

Comprehensive steps to remove melasma:

A reasonable skin care ROUTINE can be exfoliated (regular) at the same time, decomposing existing melanin and preventing melanin from generating. Based on all the above steps, we have the following routine ideas:

STEP 1: Clean, exfoliate (morning and evening)

You can choose the facial cleanser containing salicylic acid or use a moisturizing facial cleanser+a scrub. However, it is not recommended to remove keratin every day, especially people with sensitive and thinning stratum corneum.

Step 2: Morning VC & VE +sufficient sunscreen

In the morning, you can use a combination of high concentration of VC + VE, and then with a sunscreen with a SPF greater than 30. It is best to aerobic zinc (zinc oxide has better protection on UVA than titanium dioxide). What is the combination of high concentration of VC + VE, of course, it is the CEF essence of Xiuli. Of course, it is also possible to use other antioxidant products.

STEP 3: Use high concentration of high -concentration bibicic acid+phenylphenol 

STEP 4: Come another A alcohol essence

The effect of high -concentration A alcohol products is worth looking forward to, such as fine pores, exfoliating (which is conducive to reducing the emergence of old spots). A alcohol can also promote the production of collagen, which is conducive to anti -wrinkle.

STEP 5: Use moisturizing products

Use high -concentration fruit acid, A alcohol, and VC products that are likely to cause dryness (especially when used together). Therefore, it is recommended to use moisturizing ingredients that contain moisturizing ingredients, such as lumixyl (a polypeptide) moisturizing product, and moisturizing ingredients represented by hyaluronic acid are more suitable for dry skin. Of course, the moisturizing ingredients and products are diverse and can be used to choose from.

Step 6: Once a week once a week

The purpose of exfoliating with higher concentrations once a week has achieved exfoliating, such as Dr. Dennis GROSS mentioned above. However, it is not recommended to use fruit acid and A alcohol at the same time, because fruit acid is acidic, and A alcohol requires a neutral environment. So I use A alcohol daily, and use the keraton to exfoliate once a week.