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What is sodium polyglutamate and its main function?

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What is sodium polyglutamate?

Sodium polyglutamate, also known as natto gum, is also known as sodium polyglutamate. It is a substance that can dissolve water, and can be converted into microbial polymer materials according to alcohol. For the physical and mental health of the human body, it has certain health care effects. For example, it has a certain practical effect of beauty and beauty, which can improve the ductility of the skin. In addition, it also has a very good practical effect of moisturizing and hydrating. The effect of promoting the physical and mental health of the skin is better.

What is the origin of sodium polyglutamate ?

Natto is a traditional soy fermented food that people in Japan often take. The natto after the alcohol effect has more vitamins (B2, B6, B12, E, K2) and more easily digestible protein than soybean itself. In addition, natto also has a variety of digestion. Absorption of fruit enzymes and their unique sugar content (Levan), venous thrombolytic fruit enzymes (Nattokinase) and their sodium polyglutamate  (sodium polyglutamate ), which are helpful for physical and mental health, are excellent for promoting physical and mental health. The actual effect, in recent years, it is very fashionable to take natto to improve the physical and mental health of the human body.sodium γ-polyglutamate - ZHENYIBIO

Sodium polyglutamate is a key component of natto viscous colloid solution, which has the effect of promoting the digestion and absorption of minerals. At this stage, Japan has included sodium polyglutamate  in the health care ingredients list that promotes the digestion and absorption of minerals. The unique molecular formula of sodium polyglutamate  makes it have strong moisturizing and hydrating work ability. When sodium polyglutamate  is added to skin care products or skin care products, it can reasonably improve the skin's moisturizing and hydrating work ability, and promote the physical and mental health of the skin. Compared with Hyaluronic acid (HA), which is recognized as the most moisturizing and moisturizing agent, the actual moisturizing and moisturizing effect of sodium polyglutamate  exceeds its actual effect by 2-3 times. It is a new generation of biotechnology moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients.

Sodium polyglutamate  is a natural macromolecule moisturizing agent obtained by co-fermentation of Bacillus natto, glutamic acid and glucose. It has super moisturizing ability; it can endogenously promote the production of natural moisturizing factor NMF and its prepolymer-filaggrin. Enhance the skin's own moisturizing ability; at the same time, it can lock in moisture, instantly increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum, with a moisturizing effect of up to 8 hours, and long-term use for 28 days can increase the NMF content in the skin. The 1.2 million polymer sodium polyglutamate  has a unique skin feel experience: extremely refreshing, good touch, and instant absorption. From a structural point of view, sodium polyglutamate  is one of the few polymers with a single amino acid structure in nature. It has a rich branched chain structure, which brings a three-dimensional pleasant skin feeling experience and can promote skin absorption. In addition, sodium polyglutamate  On the backbone, on average every 2 to 3 glutamic acid residues, intramolecular hydrogen bonds will occur, reflecting the super hydration ability.

Ingredient profile of sodium polyglutamate

The special molecular structure makes it have a strong moisturizing ability, which can effectively increase the moisturizing ability of the skin and promote skin health. Its super moisturizing ability is better than that of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It is a new generation of biotechnology moisturizing ingredients. As a brightener, it has long-lasting anti-wrinkle properties.

Composition analysis of sodium polyglutamate

Sodium polyglutamate, a viscous amino acid anionic polymer first discovered from natto, also known as sodium polyglutamate, has excellent skin care and maintenance effects, promotes the synthesis of the skin's natural moisturizing factor PCA; protects hyaluronic acid, It has a synergistic effect with hyaluronic acid to enhance the skin's water-holding capacity; inhibits tyrosinase activity and reduces melanin synthesis; activates fibroblasts to synthesize collagen and elastin, making the skin more elastic, more hydrated and translucent . sodium polyglutamate  can be used to construct an embedded sustained-release system, promote skin absorption, form a film on the skin surface, isolate environmental stimuli, and reduce skin inflammation.sodium polyglutamate in skin care - ZHENYIBIO

Recommended dosage: 0.05%~1.0%

According to literature reports, the water retention capacity of hyaluronic acid is 400 times, while sodium polyglutamate  has an amazing water retention capacity of 3000 times, which is about 6-8 times that of hyaluronic acid.

Scientists have found in research that sodium polyglutamate  can inhibit the formation of melanin and has a natural whitening effect. Adding it to cosmetics can obviously brighten the skin. sodium polyglutamate , which integrates moisturizing, repairing, and skin-lightening functions, obviously has the potential to become a "popular" raw material.

Sodium polyglutamate can effectively reduce the degradation of hyaluronic acid, "extend" its moisturizing power, and play a lasting and deep moisturizing effect, and sodium polyglutamate  has low viscosity, which can greatly reduce the time when we use hyaluronic acid products. The resulting sticky feeling makes the experience more refreshing and comfortable.

Sodium polyglutamate is the main component of natto viscous colloid, which has the effect of promoting mineral absorption. At present, Japan has included sodium polyglutamate  in the list of health care ingredients to promote mineral absorption. The special molecular structure of sodium polyglutamate makes it have strong moisturizing ability, adding sodium polyglutamate  to cosmetics or skin care products.

It can effectively increase the skin's moisturizing ability and promote skin health. Compared with Hyaluronic acid (HA), which is recognized as the most moisturizing agent, the moisturizing effect of sodium polyglutamate is 2-3 times higher than its effect. It is a new generation of biotechnology moisturizing ingredients. Compared with other moisturizing products, sodium polyglutamate has many advantages, such as non-toxic to the human body and the environment; biodegradable; good water solubility to obtain an odorless and transparent solution; easy to cross-link to form a hydrogel with excellent performance in the later stage; fully applicable For all skin conditions; only very low concentrations are required for good results, thus lower costs, etc.

What is the effect of sodium polyglutamate ?

Sodium polyglutamate is a viscous substance that was first discovered in "natto" - fermented bean. Sodium polyglutamate is a unique cationic high polymer composed of α-amino group (α-amino) and γ-carboxyl group (γ-caboxyl) through amide linkage The relative molecular mass of homo-polyamide sodium polyglutamate varies from 50,000 to 2 million Daltons. Its moisturizing and moisturizing effect is 500 times that of hyaluronic acid.

The key role of sodium polyglutamate sodium polyglutamate in skin care products:

1. Functional high-efficiency moisturizing and hydrating to help the skin resist the dry natural environment.

2. Improve the ductility of the skin and improve the soft and tender feel of the skin.

3. Inhibit the conversion of skin pigment into.

4. Maintain a healthy pH of the skin and body.

5. Create a delayed coagulation transport system, which enables the skin to digest and absorb various skin nutrients in skin care products more efficiently.

6. Sodium polyglutamate and sodium polyglutamate Hydrogel improve the washing color fastness of dyed hair.

7. Sodium polyglutamate and sodium polyglutamate Hydrogel enhance the toughness of hair and reduce split ends.

8. Sodium polyglutamate  and sodium polyglutamate Hydrogel improve hair finishing.