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Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer

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Other name: Hyaluronic Acid Elastomer
Appearance: Colorless to slight yellow
Recommended dosage: 1%-10%
Application: Skin care, hair care products, etc.
CAS: 105524-32-1
Package: 1KG, 5KG

SODIUM HYALURONATE CROSSPOLYMER is skin conditioner and also an acidic mucopolysaccharide. 

It exists in the corneal skin and can absorb 1,000 times its own weight in water.Thus it can retain skin moisture and prevent moisture loss through the epidermis. 

After using the skin, it will not feel dry and increase luster. It can improve skin nutrition metabolism, make the skin soft, smooth, wrinkle, increase elasticity, and prevent aging. It is a good transdermal absorption enhancer while moisturizing.

SODIUM HYALURONATE CROSSPOLYMER is cross-linked HA obtained by cross-linking technology and has a dense network structure. The cross-linking reaction makes the HA macromolecules locally highly aggregated and folded, which can bind more water molecules to achieve film formation, hydration and protection on the skin surface; can be used as a free radical scavenger to reduce pain and blisters after sun exposure; can be applied to Cosmetics and hair products; can also be used as a delivery system for water- or oil-soluble actives. The cross-linked hyaluronic acid not only increases the relative molecular weight, but also increases the volume, thereby forming a network structure; the morphology is transformed from sol to gel, and its own structure and function are strengthened.

Used in conjunction with other nutrients, it can play a more ideal effect of promoting nutrient absorption.

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer-zhenyibio