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What is the difference between Melanotan 1 & Melanotan 2?

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What is melanotan 2?

Melanotan II (MT2) is a stimulating peptide that induces skin tanning. Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) is a class of peptide hormones produced in the middle pituitary gland that stimulates pigment cells (melanocytes) in the skin and hair to produce and release melanin, resulting in darker skin and hair. Melanotan II increases melanin production by stimulating skin pigment cells called melanocytes.

What is melanotan peptide?

Melanin is a skin pigment that protects our skin from UV radiation and damage from the sun. It can be thought of as our body's own natural sunscreen. Low levels of melanin mean the skin is highly susceptible to DNA damage from excessive sun exposure. This lack of melanin and its protection from UV radiation means those with fair skin are prone to burns and are at increased risk of DNA damage. It also means they put in a lot of time to safely tan without burning.

Getting an adequate supply of vitamin D from sunlight without risking melanoma is somewhat of a balancing act. Studies have found that staying out of the sun to prevent melanoma can lead to vitamin D deficiency.Melanotan I II price -ZHENYIBIO

To get a safe tan, we need to stimulate the melanocyte-stimulating hormone responsible for increasing melanin production.

Scientists discovered the use of "tanning peptides" while researching possible treatments for skin cancer. They hypothesized that inducing the body's natural pigment system through the process of melanogenesis could produce a protective tan before UV exposure, thereby reducing the likelihood of skin damage.

With just a small amount of UV exposure, the release of alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone stimulates the natural increase in melanin production by melanocytes in the skin. Regardless of your skin type, using tanning peptides provides more a-MSH, which results in more melanin and greater tanning potential (skin pigmentation).

Clinical trials suggest that the use of Melanotan II may have the potential to boost melanin production with minimal side effects. The main role of melanogenesis is to protect the subcutaneous tissue, the layer under the skin, from damaging UV-B light. It works by absorbing all UV-B light, preventing it from entering the skin layers.

Benefits of melanotan ii powder

Darker tan with less exposure to UV radiation

Tan without sunburn, even for fair-skinned people

May reduce risk of melanoma (skin cancer)

May reduce the incidence of sunburned skin

May reduce body fat

No sunburn or tan lines

No tan streaks or fake tan removal

May increase libido

In clinical trials using it as a tanning agent, melanotan II was found to be an effective erection stimulator in men. It has also been shown to increase female libido in patients with sexual arousal disorder).

Side effects of melanotan ii peptide

Facial flushing

Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting

In men, spontaneous erection (priapism) with yawning and stretching syndrome 1-5 hours after dosing

In the long term, there are concerns that melanotan II may increase the risk of:

Melanoma - a potentially serious skin cancer

Darkening moles, new moles, and atypical melanocytic moles

Black Nails - one or more nails turn brown to black

Suggested Use: Daily use for 1-2 weeks, then maintenance 1-2 times a week.

How does melanotan peptide injections work?

Tanning injections come in two forms: melanotan I and melanotan II. Both types of injections work by replicating alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in your body. This hormone binds to melanocortin receptors and stimulates the production of melanin in skin cells. The more melanin your skin cells produce, the darker your skin will be.

Melanotan I lasts longer in your body than Melanotan II before being broken down by enzymes. Melanotan I is medically known as afamelanotide.

Afamelanotide, sold under the brand name Scenesse, is used to prevent phototoxicity in patients with erythropoietic protoporphyria. People with this rare genetic disorder experience severe pain when their skin is exposed to sunlight and some artificial light.

Melanotan II binds to a wider range of receptors than melanotan I and has a shorter lifespan in your body. It can also cross your blood-brain barrier, leading to side effects such as loss of appetite, sexual dysfunction, and fatigue. Melanotan II is not currently used to treat any disease.

Both melanotan I and melanotan II are unregulated and are often sold illegally online. Online retailers are not monitored by any governing health organization, so there is a high risk of products being mislabeled or containing impurities.