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Ascorbyl Glucoside

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Other Names: Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, AA2G; Vitamin C glucoside
Molecular Formula: C12H18O11
Molecular Weight: 338.26472
Apperance: White fine powder
CAS number: 129499-78-1
Grade: Cosmetic

ascorbyl glucoside serum AA2G supplier-zhenyibio

Ascorbyl glucoside (AA2G) is a natural vitamin C,containing glucose stable ingredients. Vitamin C such that the component can be easily and efficiently manufactured cosmetics, creams and lotions for skin containing AA2G,through action of the enzyme and α- glucosidase skin, AA2G contains vitamin C can slowly comes out.

L Ascorbic acid 2 glucoside to dilute the color, reduce age spots and freckles pigment precipitation.Ascorbyl glucoside serum not only for whitening, but also to brighten dull skin, aging, play a role in protecting the skin in sunscreen.

AA2G vitamin c usded in cosmetics:ascorbyl glucoside vitamin c can promote the formation of collagen and its antioxidant effect can inhibit pigment spots.

Benefits of Ascorbyl Glucoside

1. Brightens skin tone and inhibits melanin formation

After ascorbyl glucoside is converted into vitamin C and enters the skin cells, it can significantly reduce the formation of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase. Inhibition of tyrosinase reduces dopaquinone, an intermediate in the synthesis of melanin. An added benefit is the simultaneous conversion of dopaquinone to levodopa, which relieves the melanin that has formed, thereby reducing skin pigmentation.

2. Protects against UV damage

Inhibit the damage to cells caused by ultraviolet radiation After the vitamin C glucoside is converted into vitamin C, it can greatly reduce the free radicals generated by the skin from ultraviolet radiation, significantly reduce skin damage, and play a role in protecting the skin in sunscreen products

3. Anti-Aging

Promotes collagen synthesis, improves wrinkles and rough skin Collagen is a protein that plays an important role in skin structure and protection. Vitamin C glucoside is converted into collagen synthesis in fibroblasts after vitamin C enters skin cells. It has a noticeable effect on reducing wrinkles and rough skin.

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