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Best pearl powder details of benefits and selection method

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Pearl powder is a powder made of shellfish pearls. The main components are calcium carbonate, amino acids and trace elements. It contains more than 18 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body and 9 kinds of amino acids that the human body cannot manufacture by itself. Pearl powder has been a rare beauty and moisturizing treasure since ancient times. In addition to the beauty effect, it also has the functions of supplementing calcium, soothing the nerves and calming convulsions, clearing away heat and detoxifying, soothing the liver and protecting the liver, and regulating the stomach and intestines. Pearl powder can be applied externally or taken internally.

Pearl powder 4 major effects for taking orally

1. Enhance immunity and consolidate defense system

Pearl powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids such as leucine, methionine, and alanine. Long-term oral administration of pearl powder can effectively improve the activity of T and B lymphocytes in the human immune system, thereby enhancing immune disease resistance.

2. Supplement calcium to keep fit

As a new type of calcium supplement, pearl powder not only has high calcium content, but also nano-scale pearl powder is easy to be absorbed and digested. It is also a natural calcium, which is safe and healthy to take. It is increasingly favored and valued by consumers. Known as "Pearl Calcium".

3. Baochun delays the decline, and youth is always therepearl powder for skin -ZHENYIBIO

The three trace elements of manganese, copper, and zinc contained in pearl powder are the components of SOD. Since SOD has the effect of scavenging free radicals, coating the surface with pearl powder can prevent skin aging and wrinkling, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, and maintain The skin is fair, and with internal and external nourishment, continuous conditioning, it can maintain the spring and prolong the decline. The Empress Dowager Cixi in history is a good proof.

4. Improve sleep

Pearl powder contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements, which can "pacify and calm" the brain center. After the human body absorbs it, it can nourish the cells that are overexcited and lead to fatigue, and make them quiet. Therefore, after mental self-adjustment at night, taking pearl powder together can effectively improve sleep, so that the body can get adequate rest.

How to eat pearl powder to be effective?

The best time to eat pearl powder: eat before meals for best results.

Consuming pearl powder on an empty stomach can achieve a better absorption effect, so it is suitable to take it before breakfast and dinner, before going to bed and after getting up. But if you want to develop a fixed habit, before going to bed and getting up will be the recommended time periods, and you will not forget to eat.

Pure pearl powder using precautions

Pearl powder is a cooling traditional Chinese medicine, and not everyone is suitable for taking it. Taking it without authorization will not only have no anti-aging effect, but may even bring health risks to the human body.

Experts point out that pearl powder is only suitable for people with hot and dry constitution. Because many women have a cold constitution, long-term use of pearl powder will not only fail to achieve the effect of strengthening the body and beautifying the face, but also cause symptoms such as indigestion, continuous diarrhea, cold limbs, and a sallow complexion. Generally, people with cold constitution, cold stomach and stones are not suitable for taking pearl powder. Therefore, before taking pearl powder orally, you must find a Chinese medicine doctor to take the pulse, and after identifying your own constitution, you can decide whether to take it orally. Therefore, doctors recommend that it is safer to apply pearl powder externally, but it is best to do a skin test behind the ear before using it for the first time.

Avoid mixing pearl powder with foods high in oxalate, including spinach, tea, coffee, beer, etc. Mixed eating will increase the risk of stones in the body, which is the main reason why we recommend taking pearl powder before going to bed and getting up to avoid eating high oxalate foods between meals to increase the risk of stones.

Pearl powder selection methods 

1. Color purity

Without adding other formulas, the purer the pearl powder color, the better the quality.

2. Pearl type affects the quality of pearl powder

The pearls used to make pearl powder are mainly divided into 3 types:

Medicinal pearls: Pearls without plastic shells.

Live beads: Live beads are better than dead beads. Dead beads are usually dull in color and have a lot of toxins in the body, which are not suitable for consumption.

Large Pearls: Adult pearls over six years old, high in amino acids.

3. Production process

If the pearl is soaked in milk and steamed with tofu, it can effectively remove the fishy smell, and at the same time soften the texture of the pearl, so that the human body can better absorb it.

4. Taste

If the pearl powder has an excessive fishy smell, it means that the processing process is not thorough enough. The pearl powder processed by the correct procedure will emit a faint pearl smell and shell fragrance.

5. The number of details is too low to easily hurt the stomach

The number of fines represents the grinding degree of pearls. According to experts, "5,000 to 10,000 fines" is the ideal range. Pearl powder with a fineness of less than 5,000 is not absorbed by the human body very efficiently, and its nutrition is naturally reduced, and it is difficult to digest. More than 5,000 mesh counts are suitable for both internal and external use, and are absorbed smoothly.