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Other Name: chili extract; pure capsaicin extract
Molecular Formula: C18H27NO3
Molecular Weight: 305.41
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Purity: 90%; 95%; 98%
CAS NO.: 404-86-4
EINECS No.: 206-969-8

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Pure Capsaicin is an extract of chili with analgesic effect.Capsaicin is a neuropeptide release agent selective for primary sensory peripheral neurons. Topical use of capsaicin helps to control peripheral neuralgia.This reagent has been used experimentally to manipulate substance P and other tachykinins.

Capsaicin extract at low concentration can produce Capsaicin essence, Capsaicin and other products, which are widely used in food industry as additives. 

High concentrations of  Capsaicin are used in the pharmaceutical industry, and have the functions of analgesia, anti-inflammatory, sterilization, treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and blood cancer. 

The ointment made of  Capsaicin has a significant effect on chronic rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, bruises and other neuralgia; it has a good therapeutic effect on psoriasis and alopecia; in health care, it also has the functions of losing weight and dredging blood vessels, etc. Efficacy; in the military, it is the main raw material for the manufacture of tear gas, tear gas guns and defense weapons.

AppearanceAlmost white to yellowish crystal powdercompliance  
Capsaicin≥ 55%≥75%60.12%
Dihydrocapsaicin≥ 25%24.60%
other capsaicinoids≤ 15%10.40%
Melting point57~66℃61-62℃
As≤ 2 ppm≤ 0.1 ppm
Heavy metal≤ 5 ppm≤ 1 ppm
Loss on drying≤ 1.0%0.70%
Ash≤ 1.0%0.20%
Microbial Limit           bacteria:≦ 300(cfu/g)                                compliance                
Mildew &Yeast:≦100(cfu/g)                          compliance             
Live mites:should not be detected                            not detected              
Escherichia coli:should not be detected                          not detected              
ConclusionThis product conform with pharmaceutical requirement