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Kinds: Fullerene C60; Fullerene C70
Molecular Formula: C60
Molecular Weight: 720.66
Appearance: Dark brown to black powder
CAS NO.: 99685-96-8
Application: cosmetics and skin care products

Fullerene has a high affinity for free radicals and an inhibitory effect on active oxygen, so it has a very good anti-oxidation effect. There are two types of fullerene raw materials currently used in cosmetics. One is water-soluble fullerenes. The fullerenes are dispersed into water-soluble cosmetic raw materials by using water-soluble polymer PVP, which is also an earlier application of fullerenes. Raw material; the other is oil-soluble fullerene, which is a fullerene raw material prepared by using vegetable squalane as a solvent.

The effects of fullerene on the skin mainly include whitening, anti-wrinkle, inhibiting acne, and promoting hair growth, etc., mainly as follows:

1) Affinity to free radicals: Fullerenes are highly compatible with free radicals, which can minimize the effects of free radicals on the skin.

2) Scavenging active oxygen: Fullerene has a scavenging effect on active oxygen in the skin. Causes of skin stains: UV radiation causes the increase of active oxygen in the skin. Under the influence of active oxygen, the skin produces melanocyte stimulating hormone, interleukin and other substances, which in turn activates melanocytes and stimulates tyrosine in melanocytes The conversion of acid to melanin, and finally pigmentation, causes stains. Fullerene directly removes active oxygen, thereby avoiding the effect of active oxygen on the skin.

3) Shrink pores: Fullerene can improve the problem of enlarged pores. Large pores are caused by excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, and large pores caused by enlarged cuticles around the pores. Such skin conditions can easily lead to blackheads and acne. Fullerene can restore the bowl structure caused by sunken pores, and restore the skin condition.

4) Remove wrinkles: For wrinkles, fullerene can prevent their generation and improve wrinkles. Fullerene can reduce the activity of MMP-9 (collagen decomposing enzyme) in the skin, thereby avoiding the breakdown and loss of collagen (basement membrane) in the skin.