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Other Name: Glycerylglucoside; Glucosyl glycerol
Molecular Formula: C9H18O8
Molecular Weight: 254.23
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Purity: 50%-98%
CAS NO.: 22160-26-5

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Glucosyl glycerol (GG) is a type of glycoside compound formed by the connection of glycerol and glucose molecules through glycosidic bonds.α d glucosyl glycerol have whitening effect.

Used to prevent melanin synthesis.Glucosyl glycerol is mainly used in the cosmetics field.It has excellent moisturizing function,can penetrate the skin well,and effectively reduce water loss.It can be used in whitening skin care,daily skin care,sunscreen,oral care and other products.As a stabilizer,the production of glucosylglycerol is recommended to use a chelating agent,such as disodium EDTA.

Main Function:

1. Moisturizing: Promote the synthesis of aquaporins, maintain osmotic balance, and bring needed moisture to skin cells. Aquaporins (AQPs) are membrane proteins that can selectively import or export moisture into and out of cells, mainly in the epidermis of the skin. There are AQP3 or AQP5, such as: AQP3 is used to transport water and glycerin;

2. Improve the skin barrier and promote the regeneration of NMF (filaggrin): Filaggrin is further processed into amino acids in the upper epidermal stratum corneum to help the skin retain moisture. It is a protein that plays an important role in the formation of the skin barrier;

3. Protect collagen: Collagen decomposing enzyme (MMP1) is an enzyme that can cut off the triple helix structure of collagen. It will be produced in large quantities when skin inflammation occurs. It is particularly important to control the activity of MMP1 and remove MMP1 to fight aging;

4. Anti-inflammatory: It can reduce the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as SCF, accelerate wound healing and tissue repair.

How does Glucosyl glycerol (GG) affect the skin?

Glycerin glycoside promotes the expression of AQP3 in water channel protein in keratin cells, and AQP3 is important to maintain the high level of glycerin in the skin stratum corneum, thereby achieving the moisturizing effect. On the other hand, Glucosyl glycerol (GG) increases the production of the skin protection enzyme "superal oxide dismissal enzyme 1" (SOD1), which strengthens the skin's own immune system. At the same time, Glucosyl glycerol (GG) can revitalize aging cells, stimulate cell vitality, increase bone collagen in aging cells, and quickly repair skin damage.