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How does fibronectin work

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Fibronectin is existed in large molecular cells on the surface of various animal cells. It is the main non -collagen protein in the outer cell matrix and the base membrane. Starting the central role in cell adhesion, regulating cell polarity, differentiation and growth.

Fibronectin is a high molecular weight glycoprotein in an extracellular matrix, which exists in the body fluid in a soluble form, or exists in the extracellular matrix in an irreplaceable form. As one of the main cell adhesion, FN plays a key role in many important physiological processes. In the body's life activity, FN participates in the development of cells adhesion, spreading, proliferation, migration, and embryo development. Many pathological processes of the body, such as wound healing, inflammation, hemostasis, and thrombosis.

What is the effect of fibronectin?

The biological functions of fibronectin are: cells attachment, promoting cell spreading and exercise, have growth factors, strengthen cell phagocytosis, participate in hemostasis and blood coagulation, promote cellularization, and prevent the metastasis of tumor cells.bovine fibronectin - ZHENYIBIO

Fibronectin is a high -active protein necessary for human cell regeneration repair. It is a key protein that continues the vitality of human cells and restores skin cell vitality. It has been widely used in regeneration medicine to achieve the perfect repair of the wound. It has six major functional areas and unique RGD sequences, which can penetrate the base layer of the skin, regenerate the cells and nutrients required for the skin's rebirth, thereby comprehensively improve the skin and improve skin self -healing ability.

The growth factor class generally includes various epidermal growth factor EGF and leather growth factors. Growth factor can promote cell growth and strong targeted. Epidermal growth factor can only repair the epidermis, and the leather growth factor can only repair the leather cells. fibronectin has a comprehensive effect on cell repair. It can not only repair epidermal cells, dermal cells and subcutaneous tissues, but also to repair various cells in the body.

1. The fibronectin metabolic rate is enhanced, and the skin tissue is firm and fragile. Strengthen the stratum corneum, improve the stratum corneum to resist external stimuli, and have the effect of neuromamine.

2. Improve skin immunity;

3. Promote metabolism; mobilize nutrients in other parts of the body to nutrition cells, clean up the micro -environment of cells, etc.;

Principles of fibronectin:

1. fibronectin transmits cell metabolism, growth, and proliferation of cells (such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, small molecular peptide, glucose, etc.) for cell metabolism, growth, and proliferation through adhesion cells and nutrients. environment.

2. Can mobilize the phagocytosis system, remove the necrotic tissue, cells and foreign foreign objects, and play a role of inhibitory and anti -inflammatory; and form a protective membrane on the surface of the skin to prevent skin damage caused by cosmetics;

3. At the same time, fibrilin can fully repair the cells, deepen the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, etc., stimulate the three -layer cell source power, improve the self -metabolic function of skin cells, not only promote cell growth, regeneration, but also media the order of cells in order Arranged, so that the skin achieves the goal of flat repair, so that the repair cells after the restoration are smooth and delicate. Fundamentally solve various problems of cells, restore the young state of cells, and can play a role in diluting stains, flat wrinkles, and aging in terms of external performance.

Follow the four major ways to repair the skin:

1. Activate cells to achieve young aging cells.

2. Stimulate cells to produce nutrients, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and small molecular peptides.

3. Mobilize health cells and nutrients and repair the skin damage parts.

4. Sterilizer, fibronectin and collagen bind to form a protective membrane, tissue external bacteria into the damage site, and mobilize the phagocytocytes to devour the bacteria inside the protective membrane.

The application of fibronectin in beauty is very important. It is known as an expert in regenerative repair and repairless healing. It can effectively help you solve. The skin is dry, peeling, acne, collagen loss and broken, stretch marks, sensitive skin, red blood silk And other issues.

The application of fibronectin in beauty and skin care:

After testing, the skin damage acne, acne, post -sun damage, hormone face, dryness, peeling, and other problems with sensitive skin, red bloodshot, and medical art. fibronectin products have cell repair and nourish the skin. They can effectively repair melanocytes, inhibit the abnormal secretion of melanin in pigmented cells, and quickly block the synthesis of melanin with essence to achieve the effect of light spots. fibronectin is activated into fibroblasts, combing collagen fibers and elastic fibers, the skin fiber grows in an orderly manner, and combines the nutrition of small molecular peptides to achieve the effect of nutritional skin and root wrinkles. fibronectin can also fully repair three layers of cells, balance oil, and fundamentally inhibit the production of acne. It also enables the damaged cells of each layer to be repaired, the cells are arranged in order, and the perfect regeneration repair of sensitive skin is finally achieved.

Fibronectin solves the 6 major problems of the skin:

1. Freckles: spots and spots: freckles and stains. 80%of freckles are determined by genetic. In addition to using physical mechanical methods such as laser, it is difficult to use other methods to solve it. However, the stains are mainly affected by the aging and the acquired environmental factors. Poin spots are caused by melanin deposition, and FN can promote the migration of cells to pigment deposition and stimulate cells to secrete melanin metabolic enzymes to remove pigmentation.

2. Sun protection: melanin has the effect of resisting ultraviolet rays. The melanin is secreted by melanocytes and transported from small melanin to the epidermis. When the number of melanocytes and activity is normal, an appropriate amount of melanin will be generated, thereby playing a sunscreen. FN can repair melanocytes to ensure the normal state of melanocytes.

3. Repair after sun exposure: There are two main cases of skin damage after sun exposure. Cell damage and melanin precipitation. FN can mix the surrounding normal cells instead of damage cells, and can also rescue the cells that do not completely die.

4. Anti -aging: The main factor of aging is free radicals. SOD can remove free radicals, cell secretion SOD, and FN affect cells.

5. Moisturizing: The main substance of moisturizing is moisturizing factors, such as hyaluronic acid. When lack of moisturizing factors inside the skin, FN can mobilize the surrounding moisturizing factors to the skin and stimulate cells to secrete the moisturizing factors.

6. Wrinkle removal: The formation of wrinkles is mainly caused by the loss of collagen, elastic protein, and mesh fiber that supports the skin. When the protein is lost, if it is supplemented in time, the wrinkles will be repaired.