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Is d panthenol good for skin

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The dexpanthenol is also known as the vitamin B5, which is a precursor of vitamin B5 pantothenic acid. However, due to the nature of vitamin B5 and its instability, it is easy to be affected by temperature and formulation, thereby reducing the biological application rate. Therefore, its precursor-dexpanthenol is usually used in the cosmetic formula. Because its nature is more stable, the penetration is better, and you can go deep into the skin tissue to play a moisturizing effect.

The dexpanthenol can be divided into three types of mixed cyclones (DL-type), rightm (D-type), and left-rotor (L-type), with only right peroxidols having biological activity. The cosmetic industry is mainly used by D-dexpanthenol. Pinol is the necessary nutrients necessary for skin, and the body is lacking pantothenic acid, causing many skin neurons, skin horizontalization, roughness, peeling, and severe skin ulcers.

D-panthenol is a precursor of vitamin B5, in the cosmetic industry: the care of the skin appears in-depth moisturizer, stimulating the growth of epithelial cells, promoting wound healing, and the effect of anti-inflammatory effect; Performing a long-lasting moisturizing function, preventing hair on, damage, increased hair density, improving hair-quality gloss; nail care is manifested in improving the hydration of nails, imparting nail flexibility.d panthenol price - ZHENYIBIO

The role of dexpanthenol?

1. Superior deep moisturizing performance: The molecular weight of the dexpanthenol is small, can effectively penetrate the keratinite, the keratin layer of the skin, has a strong moisturizing effect, effectively improve the skin rough, so that the skin is soft, and does not have a brief;

2. Stimulate epithelial cell growth, accelerate the healing of epidermis wounds, repair tissue trauma; for eczema, sunburn, baby urine rash has an efficacy. There is a literature report: an ointment containing 5% plowing can accelerate 30% of the epidermal wound healing time.

3. The nursing effect on the hair: pantavol can penetrate the inside of hair, lasting moisturizing hair, improve hair gloss, reduce hair bifurcation, prevent simply and fracture, repair damaged hair.

4. Nursing effects on nails: plowing can enhance hydration, improve nail flexibility.

Ingredients and effects on skin care products:

It is generally used in pharmaceutical, food, skin care products and liquid Chinese medicine preparations. D-pantonol into the human body can be converted into pantothenic acid to generate coenzyme a, promote body protein, human fat, glycogen metabolism, maintain skin and mucosa, improve hair gloss, to avoid the cause of the condition. D-dexpanthenol can prevent small wrinkle pleats, inflammation, wind blowing sun, lettake, prevent hair loss, promote hair loss, moisture, reduce hair, to avoid decisive and rupture, die, die, Medical effects.

In the food manufacturing industry, as a nutritional ingredient, the new metabolism, the body protein, human fat, glycogen, to maintain skin and mucosa, improve hair gloss, enhance immunity, to avoid the cause of the condition;

In the daily chemical industry: The medical efficacy on the skin is mainly manifested by deeply penetrating moisturizer, stimulating squamous epithelial cell growth, promoting wound repair, and anti-inflammatory effects; the medical efficacy on the hair is mainly designed for long-term moisturizing Hydrating the water, avoiding the relative density of hair on the hair, damage, enhances hair, enhances the gloss of the hair; the medical care of the fingernés is mainly manifesting to improve the hydration of fingernés, grant finger flexibility.dl panthenol supplier - ZHENYIBIO

What is the role of dexpanthenol in skin care?

(1) Excellent deep moisturizing performance

Different from hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), panthenol molecular weight (MW = 205), can effectively penetrate the skin keratin layer, moisturize the skin surface, strong moisture absorption, external use can increase the water content of the keratin layer, reduce the loss of moisture loss, Has a strong moisturizing effect.

Studies have shown that after a week of continuous use of 2.5% plowing products, the water content of keratinoids increased significantly.

(2) Improve skin roughness

Panjin alcohol moisturizing the skin, can effectively improve the rough skin, so that the skin is soft and not sticky.

(3) Promote wound healing

Experimental studies have shown that pantry can promote the growth of epidermal cells, thereby promoting the regeneration of epidermis, plus a certain anti-inflammatory effect, and accelerates the wound healing of skin tissue.

(4) Hair care effect

Dexpanthenol is not only widely used in skin care, but also has a wide range of applications in shampoo and skin care. The famous Pan Ting, its English name comes from pantool. "The Father of Vitamins" was found in the 1940s, discovered the effect of pantavol nourishing hair.

Dexpanthenol can go deep into the hair, long-term moisturizing hair, improve your hair, reduce your hair, prevent hair crush, repair damaged hair.

What are the precautions for using pantoo alcohol skin care products?

(1) Dexpanthenol has a biological activity, pantavol ratio of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is more stable.

(2) The ingredients do not talk about are rogue: the effective concentration of dexpanthenol in skin care products is 1% to 5%.

Clinical trials show that 3% of D-pantry alcohol products can significantly improve skin drying, itching, rough, etc., 3% and 5% plowing products can promote skin epidermal barrier regeneration.

(3) Dexpanthenol suitable for sensitive muscles, acne muscles, hormone faces and other damaged skin?

Dexpanthenol is a mild moisturizer with soothing and ability to repair skin. It is an excellent ingredient for damaged skin.