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Other Name: Squalene oil
Molecular Formula: C30H50
Molecular Weight: 410.72
Appearance: light yellow liquid
Purity: 99%
CAS NO.: 7683-64-9
EINECS No.: 203-826-1

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Squalene is a natural substance found in plants,animals and humans.Squalene is commercially extracted from fish oil,especially shark liver oil.Squalene oil has been used as the most common moisturizer in cosmetics.Pure squalene oil is a natural oil produced by our oil glands, which hydrates and maintains the skin's barrier.Squalene in skin care also been found to have an antioxidant effect.As we age,the amount of squalene naturally produced by the human body will decrease.Therefore,Many cosmetics and supplement brands contain squalene to moisturize the skin, laiming that it can resist signs of aging.

Main effects of Squalene:

Anti -cancer scientists discovered that the combination of oxygen in horn sharks and water molecules became a nutrient required by sharks, while generating oxygen supply itself cells. Medicine proves that cell hypoxia is the cause of most diseases and cancer, and tissue hypoxia is the most basic cause of degenerative diseases. The "SQVALAMINE" ingredients in Squalene can interrupt the migration of normal cells and blood vessels, cause tumors to lose nutrients, thereby inhibiting the growth and diffusion of cancer cells.

Anti -tumor Squalene is found to have the effect of removing the toxic substances produced by electrochemical chemotherapy, and is the best supplementary nutritional product to reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Especially after cancer slicing surgery or use of radiotherapy, the effect is significant, and its biggest feature is to prevent cancer from metastasizing the lungs. Improve the role of white blood cells.

Squalene can promote bile secretion, significantly reduce the level of GOT/GPT in patients with hepatitis, increase appetite, protect liver cells, and have very good effects on the treatment of hepatitis.